Community Airdrop Program Begins Today

Thank you to all who pre-registered for the Universal Wallet and completed the steps to claim your airdrop tokens! Here are the details on what to expect next.

The Ethos Community Airdrop Program officially begins today, Monday, August 20th. Our testing is complete and we will start deploying airdrops after 7 pm PDT – starting with our first token BitDegree.

We will be Airdropping one token type at a time to our eligible users, in batches of thousands of users at a time, highlighting one token a day. This process is to ensure we do not clog the Ethereum Network and decrease wallet performance, with over 50,000 users set to receive Airdrops.

During this week, we will be publicly announcing on our social channels when our users will be receiving specific tokens. All users will be receiving an equal amount of every token sent directly to their Universal Wallet.

Please be patient, as this will take time and but don’t worry, if you followed all the steps, you are all set to receive your tokens.

We want to thank our community again for the incredible response to our Community Airdrop Program! Within the two weeks of releasing the details on how to receive airdropped tokens, we welcomed tens of thousands of Universal Wallet users each day leading up to the deadline.

Below you will find a guide we have assembled to offer clarity on any questions you may have and to let you know what happens next. Please take the time to read this carefully and spread the word.

Am I eligible to receive Airdrops?

Here’s a quick way to know if you’re eligible to receive airdrops from this program.

Eligibility Checklist (Now Complete):

  • You pre-registered for the Universal Wallet before July 2nd
  • You received an email from the Ethos Team, prompting you to create a SmartWallet to receive airdrops
  • Using the same email address entered at the time of pre-registration, you created a SmartWallet in the app by August 16th.

Only individuals who completed these steps are eligible. Did you check all three boxes? Well then, you’re good to go!

How long will Airdrops take?

The distribution of Airdrops will take place over the course of several days, and may take several weeks. Stay tuned to our social channels on the status of the Airdrop distribution.

Which tokens will I get and in what order?

In this first phase of the Community Airdrop Program, pre-registered users who created a SmartWallet can look out for tokens awesome companies like:

All of our participating Airdrop Program participants and tokens not listed in our initial Airdrop, will be included in subsequent phases of the distribution. For more info: Airdrop Program Info

Will I get all of these tokens?

All Airdrop tokens will be evenly distributed to all of our community members.

How will I know I got them?

Look out for email updates and social media posts for a heads up on when to check your wallet for a specific token on a given day. But if you’re already using your wallet daily, you may simply notice a surprise in your SmartWallet!

So, What’s Next?

Distribution of the tokens will begin today (Monday, August 20th). We will begin distributing the airdrops in a batched flow so not to clog the Ethereum Network. Consider this Phase 1 of the distribution.

Be Patient & Look for Notifications

We have done our best to create airdrop portfolios that reflect equal balances based on participating tokens and the number of eligible pre-registrants. Our airdrop and coin integration team has skillfully designed a token delivery method that is mindful of balancing the supply and demand of this program.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram and look out for email updates on which tokens to look for through the coming weeks.

Terms & Conditions

As we outlined in the previously released Official Community Airdrop Program Guide, eligibility is based on two criteria:
1) You must have pre-registered for the Universal Wallet before July 2nd;
2) Using the same email address entered at the time of pre-registration, you must have created a SmartWallet in the app by August 16th. Only individuals who completed these steps are eligible.

About The Program

Our Community Airdrop Program is designed to showcase cutting-edge platforms in the blockchain space. By collaborating with a colorful array of breakthrough companies, our goal is to introduce our Universal Wallet users to the endless possibilities of crypto.

All tokens and companies who have participated in our Ethos Community Airdrop Program are supported within the Universal Wallet. One of our objectives is to help increase the utility and liquidity of these tokens by having created a safe and simple way for token holders to store, transact, send and receive.