Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Cryptocurrency Sentiment Analysis - May 13th

Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Cryptocurrency Market Price Sentiment

Time for a breather? The community is wondering how long the recent cryptocurrency rally will persist. Compared to last week, we see a small drop in the number of respondents who expect prices to rise, and an uptick in those who expect prices to fall.

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasm

Prices might be taking a breather but levels of enthusiasm for crypto remain high!

Crypto Satisfaction

Majority of respondents retain high levels of satisfaction – the levels dipped a little with prices this week but continue to remain high!

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

Majority continue to think the broader financial system will partake in crypto. We suppose the bigger question is not whether but when?

Investment Plan

Majority of respondents intend to invest more, a quarter will stand pat, and virtually nobody is cashing out.

Crypto Scams

In spite of a slight drop vs last week, three quarters majority continue to see serious projects (vs scams) in crypto.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Annoucement Netherlands

Recap: Crypto Crow’s Live Exclusive Interview with Shingo Lavine

Ethos CEO Shingo Lavine joined the charismatic Crypto Crow (Jason Appleton) via live stream on Monday to make three special announcements. The days leading up to the interview, it was hinted that Shingo might reveal which country would be first to receive the Universal Wallet and…

*drum roll*

Instantly, the comments about which country would be next started to pour in on social media! Will it be Germany? Italy? USA?

So it’s a good thing Shingo’s also announced our forthcoming Ethos Global Rollout Page. It’s here that we’ll track the journey of the Universal Wallet app as it become available across the world. We anticipate WhenWallet-ers will be hitting refresh on this page often. Stay close with us on social and check your inbox for the official launch date of our Global Rollout Page.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek:

Finally, in response to the growing and glowing community support we’ve received since the East Coast Ethos Summit last month, we are so pleased to introduce our Ambassador Program. This is an opportunity for our extended Ethos family around the world to host events and spread crypto and blockchain awareness through an Ethos lens. More on the Ambassador Program to come!

In the meantime and because we know you don’t want to miss a beat, you can watch the Crypto Crow interview again here!


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Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Crypto Sentiment Analysis

For the past several weeks, we’ve been interacting with the Ethos community to gather sentiment data around the cryptocurrency sector. On some level, crypto assets are driven by sentiment and the perception of value more so than virtually any other commodity in the world. So we thought we would gather data signals from our community about their sentiment of specific cryptocurrencies, as well as their perception about the industry in general.

We want to gratefully thank everyone who participated in these surveys, and encourage people to continue to respond.


This survey was conducted with a sample size of approximately 2000 respondents queried weekly. They were asked simple questions such as “Do you think Bitcoin will go up and down?” in a simple survey format. While the survey was anonymous, many respondents chose to share email, and participation was limited by IP address to once per week. The respondents were primary “hardcore” crypto enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Sentiment

Sentiment took a dip at the end of March, then steadily grew through April plateauing post tax day. Basically the respondents collectively seemed to sense that Bitcoin would pop after taxes were filed.


Note that the percentage of respondents who believed Bitcoin would go down dropped from 17.5% during the last week of March to 4.1% after April 15th (tax day)

It’s interesting to compare this against actual Bitcoin price performance, and the correlation with price gains around the end of March preceding the post April 15th bump.

Actual Bitcoin Price Performance. Source: World Coin Index.

Ethereum Sentiment

Ethereum sentiment unsurprisingly correlated very closely to Bitcoin price sentiment, with tiny bit more pessimism at the end. In this case, the amount of people who thought Ethereum would go down in price fell from a peak of 18% to 4.6% after April 15th. (Notably close but slightly higher than the 4.1% compared to Bitcoin)


Ethereum price performance again mostly correlated sentiment.

Ripple Sentiment

Interestingly, sentiment regarding Ripple was uniformly more negative. Meaning — the majority still correctly predicted Ripple’s price increase (along with the whole market rise), but a larger percentage disagreed with the majority in believing Ripple would go down in price — a peak of 31.4% declining to 21.6% after April 15th.


This is despite the fact that Ripple basically correlated to Bitcoin’s performance.

Source: World Coin Index

Litecoin Sentiment

Litecoin was similar to Ripple, but had a downtrend in negative sentiment towards the end of April. Litecoin had a very strong “sentiment recovery” during this time.


Again, the Litecoin trend mirrors the other coins almost exactly.

Source: World Coin Index

Bitcoin Cash

Just asking for sentiment data around Bitcoin Cash was in itself controversial, as some respondents objected to the very existence of the question. Given the strong passions involved, it was not surprising to see sharper sentiment trends, as well as the strongest negative sentiment of the coins. This was the only coin that almost had “crossed streams” of negative sentiment overlapping with positive sentiment.

Also World Coin Index doesn’t seem to have Bitcoin Cash charts 🙂


Crypto Enthusiasm

Participants were asked to rank their enthusiasm for the sector from 1 to 10. Enthusiasm was dampened by the drop in prices, but stayed between a fairly narrow range of 9.1 to 8.86. In other words, the volatility didn’t seem to phase anybody very much.


Investment Plan

Participants were asked if they planned to Invest More into Crypto, Stand Pat eg HODL or Cash Out, meaning transfer crypto assets to fiat. Even though these respondents are hard-core crypto enthuiasts, it was stunning to see that virtually nobody planned to cash out (or at least wanted to say they would)


In a similar vein, respondents were asked if they were Satisified or Dissatisifed with the crypto industry in general. There was more of a noticeable uptick with prices, which was unsurpising.


Crypto Scams

Respondents were asked whether they were seeing more serious projects or scams. With the ICO gold rush and various clear scams, the market has clearly gotten more sensitive to out-and-out scams. However, according to the respondents, there has been a noticeable uptick in quality over the last 30 days.


Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

Finally, respondents were asked if they thought the tradtional financial system would push back or partake in crypto. Again over the past 30 days there has been a noticable gain in confidence that the crypto will integrate into the traditional system in some form or fashion.

The fact that these data signals are coming from serious crypto enthusiasts needs to be factored in. There may be some degree of wishful thinking or “right answer” for the individual positions respondents might have. However, even with that factored in, this data offers a glimpse of the power of the crowd, and how crypto communities can collectively be smarter than the individual.

Ethos will keep these surveys going! If you’d like to join the list, please visit and sign up for Ethos News & Updates.

Once again, thank you to all participants.

Ethos Summit Recap!

Ethos Summit Recap!

The First Ever Ethos Summit

Saturday April 14th, 2018 was hands down one for the books. It was not only the day Beyonce took over Coachella but it also marks the very same day our beloved team held our first ever Ethos Summit. Beyonce couldn’t wait to hit the stage after a year on mat leave and we couldn’t wait to share our vision in-person and via live stream! Who could ask for a more perfect alignment of groundbreaking events?

Left to right: Kevin Pettit (Chief Product Officer), Dan Caley (Director of Portfolio Management), Derek Barrera (Core Engineer)

But in case you missed it (aka what were you thinking?!), we’ve put together this nifty recap of the Ethos Summit for your enjoyment.

One of the most exciting elements of the Summit was that some our team members were able to connect in person for the very first time. Countless hours, days and months of virtual team meetings courtesy of video hangouts, screen shares and on Slack channels finally came together to real life fruition in Providence, Rhode Island.

To kick off the live talks, we first welcomed to the stage our fearless leader Shingo Lavine. His keynote mapped out the origins of crypto and went on to explain how Ethos will launch a blockchain platform that will truly be open, safe and fair for everyone. In doing so, even crypto newbies would understand the motivation to build a distributed ledger in a personal device.

Shingo also highlighted the Ethos commitment to nurturing communities through education – a key missing ingredient to decentralizing crypto and bringing it to a wider audience.



It became obvious that the positivity that fuels the Ethos movement has reached contagion-level momentum. The Summit was an opportunity to meet international community members from far and wide. We shook hands and chatted with attendees from Poland, Venezuela, Japan and beyond. Each guest had a story or use case to share, emphasizing the need to create a decentralized financial ecosystem.



Some of the Ethos team also took the stage, delighted to offer an inside scoop on the vibrant Ethos work culture – as well as addressing the ever-present anticipation around, what is now known as, #WhenWallet.


Panelists, left to right: Ellen Jiang, Gloria Feng (UI/UX Designers), Laura Lee Boykins (Lead UI/UX Designer), Derek Barrera (Core Engineer), Kevin Pettit (Chief Product Officer) and Dan Caley (Director of Portfolio Management)


The team examined the processes involved with bringing such a complex system and breaking it down into beautiful, usable pieces for the everyday user.

Some of the Summit attendees even had the opportunity to take the latest version of the app for a test drive! Pro-Tip: On the off chance you haven’t already, you probably want to pre-register for our Universal Wallet.





Later in the day we caught up with Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology expert Maurice Herlihy who demystified blockchain technology by exploring ICOs, self-custody and mining. Maurice was followed by a virtual visit from our Chief Investment Officer Vishal Karir who hung a light on correlations, diversifications and trends.



From top to bottom, the first ever Ethos Summit was a massive hit. We are so pleased with the level of engagement and curiosity of our community and the crypto industry at large.



We look forward to the many questions and conversations yet to come, so in the meantime (what are you waiting for?!) here are ways to keep up to date and in touch with us:



We’ll be chopping up the video from the Summit and posting the program as segments, but in the meantime, feel free to take it in in full! Here’s the recording of the live stream:

Universal Coin Wallet Genesis

Ethos announces upcoming Genesis release of Universal Wallet for final testing

Ethos announces upcoming Genesis release of Universal Coin Wallet for final testing

Ethos Universal Coin Wallet

It begins. We’ve all been waiting patiently (and working feverishly!) for the Ethos Universal Wallet to see the light of day. That time is fast approaching. But like most things, we’re doing things our own way. Universal Wallet is an incredibly ambitious project – and ensuring everything is rock solid and secure is our highest priority. So, this is how it’s going to work.

First of all, we want to express our deep gratitude to the entire global Ethos family for your support, encouragement and energy. It has fuelled our growth and been an incredible source of inspiration and energy for our entire team! So, thank you all. You have and will continue to play a role in unlocking the future of finance, and we’re honoured to be serving you. It’s pretty unbelievable what we’ve built in 8 short months! If that’s not people power, we don’t know what is.

Now, it’s time to stick the landing. And we need your help. We are nearing the Genesis build of the app, and it’s beautiful. But before we send it off to hopefully be a part of changing the world, we want to make sure it goes through the rigorous testing required to ensure it meets our high standard for quality and security. To get its feet wet. To warm up. To get even better.

So, the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet release rollout story starts like this.

In the coming week, the app will be go into limited release to some Ethos community members and Pre-Registered users who will be part of our final polish and testing process – so we can make sure the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet is as seamless and flawless as possible when it hits your pockets. This group will include:

  • Ethos Product Council members. They’ve been involved since the beginning and their feedback has been critical to building the app.
  • Top 100 Token Sale Contributors. Their support since day one has helped make this journey possible.
  • A randomly selected group of Pre-Registered community members. There are thousands upon thousands of you, and we love you all! A whole bunch of you are going to receive invites to join our Product Council and be part of the Genesis release. You’ll also need to be an ETHOS token holder to participate. So if you’re on the list, watch out for an invite! And if you’re not already pre-registered, get yourself on the list by clicking here!

Our Genesis release users will be an integral part of making sure the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet is battle-tested and ready for the instant global scale that awaits upon wide release. Genesis release users will also be rewarded for their efforts in finding any bugs or issues we haven’t already worked out – just another way for people power to play a role in building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody.

You ready? We are.
Let’s go.

Team Ethos

BlackRock Investments Blockchain Finance Vishal Karir

Vishal Karir joins Ethos as Chief Investment Officer from BlackRock

Ethos is beyond excited to welcome Vishal Karir as its Chief Investment Officer. He is backed by over 17 years of investment and technology experience at Morgan Stanley and most recently BlackRock, where he had $1.5 billion in assets under his management. Vishal will lead our efforts to bring innovative portfolios for the exciting new crypto asset class to the masses, as well as lead the development of our innovative hybrid investing solutions, helping Ethos to continue bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance.

“The paradigms of finance and investing are shifting in favor of individual investors and entrepreneurs – I am thrilled I have a part in expediting the shift,” said Karir of his decision to make the move from BlackRock to Ethos.

Ethos’ mission is to build a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody. The Ethos Universal Coin Wallet allows users to safely and securely store, send and receive a broad range of digital currencies on their mobile device with the same level of sophisticated security often reserved for expensive hardware wallets – available soon as a free app download this Spring. It also gives users the ability to track assets stored elsewhere, giving users a complete digital portfolio management experience in one app, and a host of other features designed to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and foster mass adoption.

While the Universal Coin Wallet is the first step in its mission, Ethos is already hard at work on its project Fiat Gateway – a hybridized investment solution that will make investing in both cryptocurrencies and traditional assets seamless and accessible, integrated with Universal Coin Digital Wallet which empowers user with full custody and control of their digital assets.

“With the entrance of Vishal, Ethos and eventually our Fiat Gateway project are uniquely positioned within the industry to bring the sophisticated investment tools of the traditional economy to a new digital asset class,” said Ethos CEO, Shingo Lavine.

“Today Ethos takes a giant leap forward with the addition of Vishal to the Ethos Family. Vishal’s wealth and breadth of investment knowledge will enable Ethos to deliver institutional quality investment models accessible to all individuals, that up until now, were only accessible by a select few,” added Ethos’ Chief Global Strategist, Stephen Corliss.

The arrival of Karir truly reinforces the Ethos mandate to provide robust, meaningful best-in-class investment advice and financial planning to help unlock the New Economy for everyone.

For more on Vishal’s background, check out his bio here.

Multi Crypto Wallet Team Adam Meghji

Ethos welcomes Adam Meghji to the multi crypto wallet team!

Multi Crypto Wallet Team Adam Meghji

Today Ethos is excited to finally announce a key member of our leadership team, Adam Meghji. He’s been working behind the scenes for some time now, working with the Ethos team to build a highly innovative, ready-to-scale engineering framework from the ground up that will power both Ethos and many other future other applications in the crypto and traditional finance space. He’s an integral part of the brain trust behind Ethos Bedrock, and he brings some incredibly powerful experience to the team.

Adam Meghji joins Ethos from his former post as CTO and Co-founder of, a social ticketing startup with proven track record of success, top notch product experience and massive scalability. Under Adam’s leadership, Universe grew to become one of the premier plug-and-play ticketing platforms, used by global brands and large scale events such as Blizzcon, Red Bull, Lego, Coors Light, and Secret Cinema.

Universe’s innovative approach and industry leading tech led to it being acquired by Ticketmaster / Live Nation, where Adam continues to serve as an expert consultant on forward-thinking technology and architecture. His depth of experience building cutting-edge infrastructure and best-in-class product experience at scale have and will continue to bring transformative impact to Ethos as we continue on our mission to democratize access to blockchain and cryptocurrencies and build the tools needed to help foster mass adoption on a global scale.

Adam has been hard at work building Ethos Bedrock, a sophisticated, high performance API architecture that will power the crypto and future finance applications of tomorrow, seamlessly integrated with the ETHOS token and product ecosystem – and solid as a rock.

“Providing everyday people with simple, secure, and stress-free access to cryptocurrency is the single most important challenge in bringing about the New Economy, ” Meghji says, “Ethos Bedrock is the missing layer on top of the Blockchain ecosystem that will power the next wave of innovation in crypto.”

“Ethos is extremely fortunate to have someone of Meghji’s caliber aboard. Anyone who has worked with him can attest to his technical prowess, intelligence and friendly, go-getter attitude,” said Ethos CEO and Founder, Shingo Lavine, “with Adam Meghji aboard, Ethos will be able to scale to service the complex financial applications of the future.”

Please join us in welcoming Adam Meghji officially to the Ethos family!

Ethos x Taxfyle

Ethos Partnering with #1 On-Demand Tax Prep Company, Taxfyle

Ethos x Taxfyle

Ethos has partnered with Taxfyle to offer crypto investors the first viable tax preparation alternative for supporting the crypto community with access to responsible tax preparation and filing. Ethos is developing a dynamic Multi-Sided Investment Platform and Global Ecosystem that will begin to be introduced this quarter. Taxfyle is the number one on-demand tax prep service, where customers are provided with an upfront price quote to have a credentialed tax professional prepare and file their taxes.

Let’s face it, the U.S. tax regulations involving cryptocurrency investments are overly complicated and counter intuitive, when compared to traditional investment alternatives. This partnership will allow crypto investors access to high-quality tax preparation and professionals without having to pay the inflated fees associated with traditional professional accounting firms.

“Given the new tax regulations governing cryptocurrencies, now more than ever, crypto investors are going to require the expertise that licensed professionals have to offer,” Taxfyle co-founder Richard Lavina said in a statement.

“We’re very proud to be partnering with Ethos. We see this as a step in the right direction for promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies, as well as helping solve a very real need being faced by these investors,” said Taxfyle co-founder Michael Mouriz.

“We believe that Taxfyle’s services will fill a crucial gap that many other crypto firms aren’t able to provide. Dealing with taxes in the crypto industry is difficult. By partnering with Taxfyle we are furthering Ethos’s mission to make the crypto industry more accessible to everyone,” said Ethos founder and CEO, Shingo Lavine.

“Tax considerations are an essential part of a dynamic investment ecosystem. As we deliver this transformative and powerful new multi-sided financial platform it was obvious to us that we needed to provide our users with access to critical tax services, and Taxfyle immediately fills this need,” said Ethos Chief Global Strategist Stephen Corliss.

Together, Ethos and Taxfyle aim to provide crypto investors the best solution in resolving their tax worries, in an effort to be fully compliant in this ever-changing industry. As the multi-sided features of the Ethos ecosystem mature, Ethos and Taxfyle see a significant opportunity to streamline the ability for users to locate, find and engage with tax professionals anywhere anytime.

To kick things off, Ethos community members can receive $20 off Taxfyle services with the promo code ETHOSCRYPTO.

Learn more at

Ethos Dev Update — 02.01.2018

Ethos Universal Digital Coin Wallet Dev Update — 02.01.2018


Hey Ethos Fam! It’s KDP with a quick product and dev update from…. Salt Lake City, Utah!

Why am I in SLC?

This week we converted a board room into a war bunker, bringing together a 5-person tactical group from across the world to tackle some of our toughest data challenges with 1 primary focus. Scaling.

The Universal Wallet is jam-packed with rich data visualizations that will transform the way you view your finances, every time you unlock your phone! And to scale to the masses, we are shoulder-to-shoulder developing cutting edge ways to build these advanced metrics at lightning speed.

Some quick updates before I fall asleep under this desk:

1 — The State of the App?✨

Functionality — App functionality for the initial wallet release is nearly complete! We have built a tremendous backend infrastructure within Ethos Bedrock that will power the Universal Wallet in managing data, seed generation, wallet creation, portfolio performance and app functionality.

Design — Our final app designs are in, and they are magnificent! Shout out to the product council for their early feedback. We marched their suggestions directly to the design table and onto the next development sprint. We are rapidly implementing the community into the product in dedication to the grassroots, and will keep iterating through as many cycles with the council prior to release as possible.

Home Stretch — We are moving into the implementation home stretch, wiring things up, preparing for scale, hardening the code and the infrastructure. This week we are distributing the app internally to our dev team as we find ways to poke holes in the app.

2 — Our Team Has Grown ?? ?‍?‍?‍?

We are up to 12 high-powered engineers on our development team, preparing to scale into an official 2nd team. We’re also staffing up on our creative, marketing and content teams. The fam is strong and getting stronger!

3-Our Ethos Productivity Level is Flyyyingg ???

Our methodology is working beautifully. We are measuring our effectiveness and efficiency with a deep level of precision. In addition to hitting our productivity goals in delivering app functionality in each of the last 2 sprints, and we have pushed it to the limit and increased productivity 109% sprint-over-sprint.

Time to get back to work! We are just as excited as you are to jump into the Universal Wallet. Here‘s a little sneak peek of what’s to come – a quick video walkthrough of a few parts of the app, and an animated GIF showing progress on the live app in our dev environment.


Ethos App Live Preview

Looking pretty snappy if I do say so myself ?! Exciting stuff.

Until next time Ethos family! We’re getting close!

With much aloha,

Bitdegree Q&A with Ethos CEO Shingo Lavine

We recently partnered with Bitdegree to contribute to their educational platform, as our visions have a lot in common. Check out this interview with Shingo about our shared futures, and the role of education, blockchain and social intelligence in the New Economy.