Universal Wallet - Much-Anticipated 1.5 Update & What’s to Come

Universal Wallet - Anticipated 1.5 Update & What’s to Come

Please go to the app store and upgrade your app!

Ethos has just released our most significant update to the Universal Wallet yet, release 1.5. In this article, we highlight the major features and changes contained in this update, as well as give you behind-the-scenes look at what’s to come in our future updates.

We highly encourage all users to please go to the app store to update your app to the latest version.

Performance Enhancements

The dev-team has been hard at work ensuring that you have the snappiest and smoothest cryptocurrency wallet available in your hands, and this update will mark a series of radical performance enhancements we will be making.

Whether you are opening your app to the home screen, loading SmartWallets, WatchFolios and even pulling up coin charts, the app has been leaned out for faster loading times and for charts to require less in-app resources. We have also changed to a new homepage framework so that you can scroll through your SmartWallets and WatchFolios faster and easier than ever.

By changing the way we cache data and call data inside the app, we’ve been able to reduce all relevant load-times. Let us know what you think – and how we can continue to increase performance.

Ethos Coin Library – Profiles, Reviews & Comments

Coin Profiles have now been enhanced, including the ability for the community to rate tokens, leave comments, see their comments in the showcase and upvote or downvote comments based on whether they find them helpful.

We have also added education and social links to each Coin Profile so you can easily click to see read a token’s white paper or see that latest updates and announcements in their social channels.

Ethos Status

Universal Wallet users who store ETHOS tokens will now unlock power features inside the app – being one of our first features of ETHOS token utility we introduce for our users.

The more ETHOS tokens you hold, the more power you have in the Ethos Universal Wallet. For now, it determines the level of your Ethos Status, pushes your comments into a higher-priority of the showcase and increases the voting power of comments you find helpful.

And for those wondering, Ethos Status is enabled by enhancements to the Bedrock xAlert API.

Click here to read our full article on Ethos Status.

New Coin Integrations & Architecture

For this latest app-update release, we welcome AdBank Network Token (ADB) to the Universal Wallet, and in the near future Ethereum Classic (ETC). Users will be able to store, track, send and receive ADB Tokens after updating their wallet to 1.5.

Disclaimer: Ethereum Classic will only be available upon our forced upgrade and manual activation process, and will not be available and fully transactable upon downloading the latest upgrade. Stay tuned to Ethos Social Channels for when we announce ETC is fully live in the Universal Wallet!

Most notably, our dev-team has re-designed the internal architecture to help expedite the process of integrating tokens in the future. Meaning more tokens will be coming soon to a Universal Wallet near you. We’ve also been gathering your votes for the tokens which are up next on deck for our integration process!

Coming Soon to Ethos Universal Wallet

New Features:

Fiat Gateway with Simplex – Soon, Universal Wallet users will be able to purchase crypto with Fiat and withdrawal their crypto to Fiat using Simplex. We are clearing the way to release this in our next major app-update 1.6.

Coin Swaps with ShapeShift – Due to meeting the new compliance and regulatory frameworks required for our ShapeShift integration, ShapeShift and coin swaps are now currently set for our app-update 1.7.

Push Notifications – Whether it’s the latest update, a change to your Ethos Status or in the future coin news and alerts, we will soon have push notifications active in the Universal Wallet, so we can always keep you informed at the push of a button.

Bedrock in Action

Payroc – Merchant Solution
The Ethos Team is rapidly advancing our crypto payment service in partnership with Payroc, using Ethos Bedrock. First, we are setting up the frameworks to on-board merchants. Account creation, verification and getting their wallets created, so we can supply them with the easy-integration of a “Pay with Crypto” button for their websites.

This will give online merchants the power to perform complete crypto transactions, and have it be fully functional with their existing product/service delivery or payment system. We will keep you posted with our progress and share a demo soon!

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. Let us know what features you would like to see us add by emailing us at [email protected].

The future is bright!

Crypto Wallet Main Net Testing When Wallet 2

When Wallet?

Cryptocurrency Wallet When Wallet 2

When Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet?

At Ethos we take our community questions, concerns and inquiries very seriously. So in transparent fashion we wanted to write an article to directly address a common question about the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet that’s been popping up on our social channels, “When wallet?”

Unlike many dapps being launched in the blockchain industry, Ethos has thousands of global users ready to download and use the app upon its immediate release. In fact, Ethos already has well over 100,000 people pre-registered for the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet, from over 40-countries.

Due to the large-scale support and anticipation of our upcoming wallet release, we have to undergo a very specialized type of load testing, to ensure that we can on-board our users seamlessly.

Below is a summary of the status of our Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet Release.

A Scalable Decentralized Architecture

The Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet design is unique in that, 1) it is intended to create a massively decentralized architecture that enables self-custody of assets. And 2) that it can sync with generalized abstracted blockchains. This scale architecture has turned out to be a massive undertaking (good thing we didn’t know when we started), but one that we believe has profound implications for cryptocurrency, blockchain and traditional finance.

Let’s take a specific example and say you want to store your own Ethereum. You don’t want to synchronize your mobile device with the 100+ gigabytes of data in the Ethereum blockchain. Rather, you just want to know which transactions are yours and be able to broadcast, sign and approve transactions related to your device. We built this through an open API architecture, Ethos Bedrock.

The maxim held true, “the last 10% takes 90% of the time”. But the result entails a scalable architecture we can continue to utilize for future upgrade iterations of our technology.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is Testing on Mainnet

Our Ethos developers and internal team members are now testing the Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet on Mainnet using crypto connected to the blockchain.

The blockchains of various cryptocurrencies are syncing properly with the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet. Ethos is finalizing certain elements of our charting and Watchfolio functionalities for various cryptocurrencies to optimize our real-time analytics.

There were a few delays but all bugs have been resolved, none of which pertain to security vulnerabilities.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet has Passed All Security Check Milestones

While the on-boarding of a multitude of cryptocurrencies has taken some time, the Ethos wallets inside of the application have passed all security check milestones.

We are extremely proud of how secure and battle-tested our application will be at the time of launch, as we have been exhaustive in this process.

While we completely understand the frustration with the length of time it’s taken for us to release our dapp – we felt it imperative to ensure that our features are flawless and that security – our top priority – is failsafe.

To be clear, we are finalizing testing. There are no security issues or security flaws affecting the wallet and holding back its release.

Ethos Product Council & Genesis Release

Ethos is excited to welcome over 2,200+ community members to be the first to use, test and report their Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet experience to Ethos.

The Product Council members received the invite to download the app on the Android and iOS app store. They are actively using the app on Mainnet, performing tons of transactions in real-time with Bitcoin, Ethereum and a large variety of ERC-20 tokens.

So far the feedback has been resoundingly positive, especially regarding the intuitive and friendly UI. This is a major milestone for the Universal Wallet, as we are flushing out any performance abnormalities to make sure it’s fully optimized for our global release.

The Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet Released to Specific Countries in Batches

In order to assure a smooth on-boarding of users to the Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet, we will be announcing its release to specific countries in batches. During our release campaign, we will be spontaneously announcing the UW Release in specific countries on a nearly daily basis.

We anticipate to on-board as many, but not limited to, 5 countries a week. Please stay tuned for our announcement for when your country will be set to receive the Universal Wallet.

The Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet will be Released on Android & iOS App Stores

When the wallet is ready for its release – the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet will be released directly for download on the Android & iOS app Stores.

Similar to downloading any traditional app, all you will have to do is visit the app store and click download to start the process of activating your Universal Wallet and creating your first SmartKeys and Watchfolios.

Ethos Announces Partnership with Fusion Financial Advisors

Ethos has confirmed a partnership with Fusion Financial Advisors, LLC.

“We are thrilled to announce that Fusion Financial Advisors, LLC (“Fusion”) is now one of the first federally registered investment advisors regulated in the United States, offering diversified portfolios consisting of cryptocurrencies.”

Read the full article on Medium Here

So, When Wallet?

As a team, we wish that we could answer that question with full transparency and accuracy to give everyone a clear expectation on the wallet’s release. However, due to the pending tasks outlined above, we cannot at this time provide exact timing.

We can assure you that the app is nearing its release and we are in the homestretch. You should expect the Ethos Universal Wallet in select app-stores soon.

The Ethos Universal Wallet is testing wonderfully and we are confident that it will be released with more enhanced features than any other app with similar functionality.

We appreciate your patience. Stay tuned, the future is bright!

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is Now Testing on Mainnet!

Ethos Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet is Now Testing on Mainnet!

Ethos has now migrated its Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet from its preliminary testing on test-net, to its operational testing on Mainnet.


We know many of you are asking the precise date of when the Universal Coin Wallet will be Released. While we cannot share an exact date, this is a critical step on the path of its release to the app-store for iOS and Android.

Security and streamlined functionality are the #1 priority of the Ethos Team and by being fully operational on Mainnet – all security features can be confirmed as being fail-safe.

Last week, Ethos on-boarded over 2,000 qualified, international individuals to their Product Council for testing of the Ethos Universal Wallet. The Product Council went through a very thorough approval process, and we thank them for their effort in completing the process.They will be on-boarded into the app soon.

The members of the Product Council are providing feedback on…

  • Reporting bugs in the Ethos Bug Bounty Program.
  • Creating new wallets for various coins.
  • Sending and receiving crypto from wallet to wallet.
  • And giving feedback on the overall user experience of the Ethos Universal Wallet.

Ethos is now in the process of on-boarding and training these product testers, and receiving their responses to iterate and make necessary improvements. While the existing Product Council is currently operating on Test-Net, the existing Product Council and all 2,000 new Product Council users will go directly to testing on Mainnet at the same time.

The migration to Mainnet means that the the Ethos Core-Team is actively testing all of the features the app will have at its release, using a variety of cryptocurrencies. This will be followed by the Product Council testing the app directly on Mainnet as well.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet Features at Release Include, but are not Limited to…

  • Creating you Smart Key for your Universal Crypto Wallet
  • Creating Wallets for Specific Coins
  • Implementing self-custody your coins
  • Sending & receiving cryptocurrency within your wallets
  • Charts and portfolio management

Want to take a look inside the Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Here is a video one of our initial Product Council testers created! A Big Thank You to @Stagea76 on Telegram for creating this!(Disclaimer: This video was done while Ethos was still in Testnet – although Mainnet Testing is Active)

We are excited to be announcing this major step for the Ethos Universal Wallet App – and offer a big thank you and welcome to our highly-engaged community who are now helping us test the Universal Wallet.

Stay tuned for more announcements from the Ethos Team!

Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

Development Milestone and Release Update

Digital Wallet Ethos Multi Coin Wallet

Universal Multi Crypto Wallet Development Milestone and Release Update

Hey Ethos Fam!

Thank you very much for all of your patience and support over the last few months. We have all been working extremely hard to get the Universal Multi Crypto Wallet as high quality as we possibly can. As many in the product council can attest, the wallet has come a long way from the initial genesis build to now.

We are approaching our final milestone involving Load Testing and Mainnet Transactions, which will mark the last phase of testing before public release. We will be releasing our first mainnet build to the product council for testing. However, before taking this step, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our early access test group to over 2000 people who will be chosen from our pre-registration lists.

These invitations will be sent out to selected members of the pre-registration list, so please keep an eye out for these emails in your inboxes! You will also be required to be verified as an Ethos community member which involves providing identification, NDA and proving ownership of any number of tokens. Every member of the product council has gone through this procedure. Note that this requirement will not be in place for general use of the wallet, but will become a standard procedure for Ethos early product releases where token ownership grants holders potential early access to Ethos releases and products.

We are also excited to announce that we will be deploying the app to Testflight in order to accomodate more iPhone users for the final round of testing. That means that we can now include iPhone users in the beta testing program and can now select both iPhone and Android users off of the preregistration list.

As we begin the country-by-country rollout, we will be introducing a voting system to allow the community to decide which country will be released next! If you want your country to win, make sure to get everyone you know to vote! We will do this in batches by country size so more heavily populated countries do not automatically move higher in the list.

Note that Airdrops and domain registration will happen after the global rollout is complete. This is to ensure the airdrop and domain distribution programs are fair for everyone. We will be announcing more information regarding domain registration and airdrops nearing the end of the global rollout.

This means that if you are a project looking to join the airdrop program, it’s not too late! Just contact us at [email protected] to apply! Join the movement and introduce your coin to the Ethos community.

In summary, we are announcing the following:

  1. Ethos is entering the final stage of testing which is mainnet transactions and app load testing
  2. We are expanding the product council by 1000% to over 2000 members by selecting members of the pre-registration list, so check your emails!
  3. We are migrating app to an iPhone testing environment that will prepare us for Apple approval and allow more iPhone users into the product council
  4. We will have a voting event for the country by country release to let the community decide the release schedule

Thank you for all of your support, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Ethos Dev Update + Genesis Build Demo

Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Dev Update + Genesis Build Demo

Hey Ethos Fam!

KDP here to announce three major updates to get you excited for the Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet launch.

  2. Next steps from Release Candidate to Global Product Launch.
  3. Ethos Trello board to track our progress.

You asked and we listened. We want to unveil all the hard work we have been doing and create a system to keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.

1. Preview of the Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Genesis Build

Today we gathered some of our rockstar engineers and a few members of the leadership team to shoot a demo of the genesis build! Light hearted and panel style, we took a deep breath to look up from our computers, reflect on the journey thus far and share our progress with you all. I hope you gain insight from the diverse perspectives that helped shaped the app and learn about some of the core Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet features.

You can also check out our new Universal Wallet feature page for an overview of the rich app features by clicking here.

Enjoy! Let the feedback flow free. We hold your opinion in high regard.

2. The Path from Release Candidate to Global Launch

What next?

We are hard at work to get the wallet in your hands as quickly as possible. As you can see, we are really close, but it needs a little bit more polish. We are at the last part of the development cycle for the Universal Wallet!

What does that mean?

Well, here’s exactly what we’re working on:


Optimizing our databases, services, caching and queries so that we can accommodate a global user base.


Testing, code reviews, penetration tests, and hardening the technology stack. We cannot confidently release a product like this without extensive and exhaustive security and external audits.


Building the app infrastructure to easily support multiple languages from day one. People have signed up for Universal Wallet from literally all over the world – we want to make it available to everyone in their first language as quickly as possible.

Push Notifications

Event listeners integrated with push notifications to keep you informed of all your blockchain transactions.

Data Integrity

Sniffing out and eliminating data quality issues and data inconsistencies.

Biometric/PIN Authentication

Enabling native biometric authentication layered with a PIN to add an additional layer of security and encryption to protect you.

Design Polish

Checking every pixel to give you the easy and beautiful aesthetic experience that you deserve.

Coin Coverage

Expanding the supported coins within the app to make it truly universal.


Now that we have unveiled the Genesis build we are no longer holding back! We are happy to send you frequent GIF updates on the small wins we make every day as we progress towards launch.

3. The Ethos Trello Board

All of the tasks above, including coin integrations, feature enhancements, partnerships, airdrop updates, and release milestones are available on our Ethos Trello Board. We hope to answer many of your questions by increasing the transparency. The Board will be a great way for us to communicate updates and gather your feedback.




Sit tight, get excited! Every member on the team is right there with you, counting down the days until we can delete all other wallet apps and watchlists and use the Ethos Universal Wallet app. We appreciate your support and encouragement to help push us across the finish line!

With much aloha,

Ethos Dev Update — 02.01.2018

Ethos Universal Digital Coin Wallet Dev Update — 02.01.2018


Hey Ethos Fam! It’s KDP with a quick product and dev update from…. Salt Lake City, Utah!

Why am I in SLC?

This week we converted a board room into a war bunker, bringing together a 5-person tactical group from across the world to tackle some of our toughest data challenges with 1 primary focus. Scaling.

The Universal Wallet is jam-packed with rich data visualizations that will transform the way you view your finances, every time you unlock your phone! And to scale to the masses, we are shoulder-to-shoulder developing cutting edge ways to build these advanced metrics at lightning speed.

Some quick updates before I fall asleep under this desk:

1 — The State of the App?✨

Functionality — App functionality for the initial wallet release is nearly complete! We have built a tremendous backend infrastructure within Ethos Bedrock that will power the Universal Wallet in managing data, seed generation, wallet creation, portfolio performance and app functionality.

Design — Our final app designs are in, and they are magnificent! Shout out to the product council for their early feedback. We marched their suggestions directly to the design table and onto the next development sprint. We are rapidly implementing the community into the product in dedication to the grassroots, and will keep iterating through as many cycles with the council prior to release as possible.

Home Stretch — We are moving into the implementation home stretch, wiring things up, preparing for scale, hardening the code and the infrastructure. This week we are distributing the app internally to our dev team as we find ways to poke holes in the app.

2 — Our Team Has Grown ?? ?‍?‍?‍?

We are up to 12 high-powered engineers on our development team, preparing to scale into an official 2nd team. We’re also staffing up on our creative, marketing and content teams. The fam is strong and getting stronger!

3-Our Ethos Productivity Level is Flyyyingg ???

Our methodology is working beautifully. We are measuring our effectiveness and efficiency with a deep level of precision. In addition to hitting our productivity goals in delivering app functionality in each of the last 2 sprints, and we have pushed it to the limit and increased productivity 109% sprint-over-sprint.

Time to get back to work! We are just as excited as you are to jump into the Universal Wallet. Here‘s a little sneak peek of what’s to come – a quick video walkthrough of a few parts of the app, and an animated GIF showing progress on the live app in our dev environment.


Ethos App Live Preview

Looking pretty snappy if I do say so myself ?! Exciting stuff.

Until next time Ethos family! We’re getting close!

With much aloha,


Ethos Dev Update – 12.15.17

Hey Ethos family,

It’s KDP, your Product Manager. Sorry you haven’t heard of much from me yet through any formal communications! Since joining the team I’ve been ultra-focused on getting up to speed, making improvements to our workflow and getting our internal processes humming.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some of you, and answering your questions directly on our Telegram channel, which by the way is a great way to reach me and the rest of the Ethos team. If you haven’t done so already, come join us at https://t.me/ethos_io!

I read ALL messages sent to @Ethos_KDP. I have a growing list of saved messages outlining your great ideas and I am baking those ideas into our feature prioritization process. So, thank you. ‎

So what have we been up to?


We’ve assembled a killer, core engineering team. You can check some of their bios on the Ethos team page, and some we’ll be introducing soon! But here’s the team so far.

Tim — A CTO that is too hungry to sit back and delegate.

Meiji — Chief Architect and relentless builder and innovator.

Andrew — Data scientist, collector and wrangler of all data on the platform.

Derek — Full stack developer, and leading front-end UI.

Pete — Security expert and continuous dev ops engineer.

Veysel — Full stack, applied cryptology and blockchain developer.

Gloria & Ellen — All things wireframe, UI and UX.

Now that the process is stable, we’re ready to expand. Check out our newly posted careers page or message @ethos_kdp on Telegram if you want to join us, test your might, and change the world. http://www.ethos.io/careers/

A well-oiled machine — built on a world class agile methodology.

We’ve cemented our pipeline from ideation to creation, with smooth handoffs, an accountability-rich structure, but still preserving the flexibility to let our team level up on their creative as well as technical prowess.

We are metric-driven. We’ve increased our technical output by 118% between Sprint 1 and Sprint 2 and we won’t stop there. We just increased our development commitment by an additional 30%. Quality code delivered, and quickly.

Where are we now?

We are deep into Sprint 3, completing the in-progress feature set due on December 20th. This includes: Sign Up, Login, Introduction to Ethos, a Virtual Wallet, Watch list, generation Ethos SmartKey (expect more on this soon!), hierarchical deterministic wallets and the seed recovery process.

We have scoped out and wireframed the entire feature set of our initial Universal Wallet release. It’s a thing of beauty.

We are continuing to polish the app look, feel and function — working with our Creative + Experience team to ensure the Ethos platform is seamless, beautiful, human-centred and a dream to use.

Where to next?

The Moon? Without a doubt. But for now I’ll be here on earth, in the trenches with my engineering team, with lots of with coffee, late nights, early mornings and blood, sweat, and tears (of happiness of course). We appreciate your enthusiasm, your patience and your support, and look forward to building this people-powered future together.

More updates soon!

With much aloha,