Ethos Universal Coin Wallet in Germany

The Ethos Universal Wallet is Live in Germany!

Ethos Universal Coin Wallet in Germany

The Ethos Universal Wallet is Live in Germany!

That’s right, you heard it – next in line to receive our Universal Wallet is Germany!

If Germany is your country of origin, visit the Android app-store on your mobile device, search for the Ethos Universal Wallet, download and install the app and set-up your account to get started!

The Ethos Universal Wallet is a breakthrough solution that allows users to store, track, learn, send and receive digital assets on Android. Apple iOS coming soon!

As part of a Global Rollout campaign, our all-in-one cryptocurrency app was released in the Netherlands yesterday and today, in Germany, with more countries to be announced very soon, so stay tuned!

Many of you have asked how we came to select the countries in our Global Rollout. The answer: Our community had the final say. We’ve based the release locations on activity. Based on careful study of who is engaging with our social channels, website, and understanding where the over 135,000 pre-registrations were coming from really formed this organic release. It’s all part of our commitment to being a people-powered blockchain platform.

To our crypto community in Germany – Willkommen, Freunde! ??

Download the the app on Android today and let us know what you think! Once, again stay tuned, Apple iOS coming soon.

Remember: Ethos has a 24/7 support desk providing best-in-class services to users of the wallet. So don’t hesitate to reach out!

Future State: Ethos Builds the Technical Infrastructure for USD Funding using Plaid

Future State: Ethos Builds the Technical Infrastructure for USD Funding using Plaid

We’ve heard the community, and we understand that providing dynamic options to seamlessly connect your Universal Wallet to broad funding sources is an important feature that cannot be overlooked. In order to expedite this feature, we are using one of the leading technology companies in this space, Plaid. Plaid builds the technical infrastructure APIs that connect consumers, traditional financial institutions, and developers to create seamless consumer experiences.

Plaid’s powerful and multi-faceted technology will make it easier for Ethos users to link their bank accounts and safely transfer money directly on the platform. This will help accelerate our capabilities and offerings with one of the most credible technology providers in the industry.

About Ethos

Ethos is a people-powered blockchain platform, on the verge of launching our much anticipated Universal Wallet to app stores globally. Our app will make it easier than ever for people to store, track, learn, send & receive, all in one app. Our mission is to build a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody. By harnessing the power of design, technology and social intelligence, we are creating a breakthrough solution to enable everyone to participate in the New Economy – putting the power back in the hands of the people, where it belongs.

Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet Netherlands Release

The Ethos Universal Wallet is Now Available in the Netherlands

Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet Netherlands Release

The Ethos Universal Wallet is Now Available in the Netherlands

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the Ethos Universal Wallet has been released in the Netherlands!

If the Netherlands is your country of origin, visit the Android app-store on your mobile device, search for the Ethos Universal Wallet, download and install the app and set-up your account to get started! Apple iOS coming soon.

With the help of our diligent Beta-testers and countless hours of our product team processing their feedback, we have an app we’re truly proud to share with the world – starting in the beautiful land of tulip fields.

Once you download the Universal Wallet on your Android, you can...

  • Create a unique 256-bit SmartKey which is never transmitted over the internet that allows individuals to safekeep their own digital assets across multiple chains and coins.
  • Store and track hundreds of cryptocurrencies, providing a full view of your portfolio – with tokens you have stored in your SmartWallet and elsewhere.
  • View robust market data, responsive charts, track all of your coins and their profiles in our watchfolio.
  • Send and receive crypto simply and safely.

* Apple iOS coming soon

“With the release of the wallet, Ethos has completed the first phase of development to provide an enterprise-grade universal wallet for a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone.”- Ethos CEO Shingo Lavine

To commemorate the release of the Universal Wallet in the Netherlands, Ethos will host a special event in Amersfoort later in July. Details will be announced very soon.

Until then, to all our new Universal Wallet users today, Welkom Vrienden! ??

Announcing the Ethos Summit! Ethos, Blockchain & The New Economy

Announcing the Ethos East Coast Summit

Join us for the first ever Ethos East Coast Summit on April 14th! The Ethos team and community will be gathering in Ethos’ birthplace – beautiful Providence, Rhode Island – for a day of ideas, discussion and networking with like-minded people passionate about Ethos, blockchain and unlocking the New Economy!

Universal Coin Wallet Genesis

Ethos announces upcoming Genesis release of Universal Wallet for final testing

Ethos announces upcoming Genesis release of Universal Coin Wallet for final testing

Ethos Universal Coin Wallet

It begins. We’ve all been waiting patiently (and working feverishly!) for the Ethos Universal Wallet to see the light of day. That time is fast approaching. But like most things, we’re doing things our own way. Universal Wallet is an incredibly ambitious project – and ensuring everything is rock solid and secure is our highest priority. So, this is how it’s going to work.

First of all, we want to express our deep gratitude to the entire global Ethos family for your support, encouragement and energy. It has fuelled our growth and been an incredible source of inspiration and energy for our entire team! So, thank you all. You have and will continue to play a role in unlocking the future of finance, and we’re honoured to be serving you. It’s pretty unbelievable what we’ve built in 8 short months! If that’s not people power, we don’t know what is.

Now, it’s time to stick the landing. And we need your help. We are nearing the Genesis build of the app, and it’s beautiful. But before we send it off to hopefully be a part of changing the world, we want to make sure it goes through the rigorous testing required to ensure it meets our high standard for quality and security. To get its feet wet. To warm up. To get even better.

So, the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet release rollout story starts like this.

In the coming week, the app will be go into limited release to some Ethos community members and Pre-Registered users who will be part of our final polish and testing process – so we can make sure the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet is as seamless and flawless as possible when it hits your pockets. This group will include:

  • Ethos Product Council members. They’ve been involved since the beginning and their feedback has been critical to building the app.
  • Top 100 Token Sale Contributors. Their support since day one has helped make this journey possible.
  • A randomly selected group of Pre-Registered community members. There are thousands upon thousands of you, and we love you all! A whole bunch of you are going to receive invites to join our Product Council and be part of the Genesis release. You’ll also need to be an ETHOS token holder to participate. So if you’re on the list, watch out for an invite! And if you’re not already pre-registered, get yourself on the list by clicking here!

Our Genesis release users will be an integral part of making sure the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet is battle-tested and ready for the instant global scale that awaits upon wide release. Genesis release users will also be rewarded for their efforts in finding any bugs or issues we haven’t already worked out – just another way for people power to play a role in building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody.

You ready? We are.
Let’s go.

Team Ethos

BlackRock Investments Blockchain Finance Vishal Karir

Vishal Karir joins Ethos as Chief Investment Officer from BlackRock

Ethos is beyond excited to welcome Vishal Karir as its Chief Investment Officer. He is backed by over 17 years of investment and technology experience at Morgan Stanley and most recently BlackRock, where he had $1.5 billion in assets under his management. Vishal will lead our efforts to bring innovative portfolios for the exciting new crypto asset class to the masses, as well as lead the development of our innovative hybrid investing solutions, helping Ethos to continue bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance.

“The paradigms of finance and investing are shifting in favor of individual investors and entrepreneurs – I am thrilled I have a part in expediting the shift,” said Karir of his decision to make the move from BlackRock to Ethos.

Ethos’ mission is to build a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody. The Ethos Universal Coin Wallet allows users to safely and securely store, send and receive a broad range of digital currencies on their mobile device with the same level of sophisticated security often reserved for expensive hardware wallets – available soon as a free app download this Spring. It also gives users the ability to track assets stored elsewhere, giving users a complete digital portfolio management experience in one app, and a host of other features designed to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and foster mass adoption.

While the Universal Coin Wallet is the first step in its mission, Ethos is already hard at work on its project Fiat Gateway – a hybridized investment solution that will make investing in both cryptocurrencies and traditional assets seamless and accessible, integrated with Universal Coin Digital Wallet which empowers user with full custody and control of their digital assets.

“With the entrance of Vishal, Ethos and eventually our Fiat Gateway project are uniquely positioned within the industry to bring the sophisticated investment tools of the traditional economy to a new digital asset class,” said Ethos CEO, Shingo Lavine.

“Today Ethos takes a giant leap forward with the addition of Vishal to the Ethos Family. Vishal’s wealth and breadth of investment knowledge will enable Ethos to deliver institutional quality investment models accessible to all individuals, that up until now, were only accessible by a select few,” added Ethos’ Chief Global Strategist, Stephen Corliss.

The arrival of Karir truly reinforces the Ethos mandate to provide robust, meaningful best-in-class investment advice and financial planning to help unlock the New Economy for everyone.

For more on Vishal’s background, check out his bio here.

Building Ethos Fiat Gateway

Part I of our Strategy Series with Ethos Chief Global Strategist, Stephen Corliss

As Ethos moves closer to release of our platform, we felt it was important to provide further clarity around our transformational structure and how this enables Ethos to deliver a new financial ecosystem that links the old and new economies.

To better assist our user community, partners and other interested parties in understanding the direction of the company, the following will provide all of you with essential background as to where we’ve been, where we’re going and why we’re taking the actions we will take.

Ideation of new concepts and structures is an area where the entire Ethos team excels. The fact that our team brings together minds from multiple sectors across traditional finance, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, tech, engineering, design and brand experience is not an accident. This skillset was established as a high watermark for the entire organization when the 79 defining words in the Ethos Vision were determined.

The future is for everyone.
Ethos is a people-powered cryptocurrency platform.

Unlock the future of investment. Empower the world. Our mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone, accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies. Ethos harnesses the power of design, technology and social intelligence to create a breakthrough solution that will enable everyone to participate in the New Economy.

We’re putting the power back in the hands of the people — where it belongs.

Clearly our goals and values are lofty but we believe the challenge is not in understanding the meaning of the mission statement but rather how Ethos will make this vision viable and sustainable for future generations. The first step in finding a sustainable solution, in my view, was to extrapolate the most critical elements of these 79 powerful words into just one simple phrase, “We’re putting the power back in the hands of the people”. This phrase is packed with countless meanings, but to achieve this essential objective we needed to immediately decipher all of the different elements involved in order to determine what was most common and critical. At the end of the day, it was clear that we could not achieve our objective without enabling a robust “Fiat Gateway”.

Why a Fiat Gateway? Because most transactions related to Finance and / or Investment can only be concluded by some form of payment. Furthermore, because we are solving problems for consumers, it was clear any solution would also have to involve a monetary unit that was highly fungible in order for Ethos to provide consumers with highly liquid solutions to ensure users could access their funds at a moments notice. However, because current fiat options are expensive and restrictive, we knew that a pure fiat solution by itself would not be sufficient. So we quickly concluded that the best way to optimize our solution would be to also leverage cryptocurrency technology and digital representations of value.

Once we understood that an optimal solution needed to involve a robust fiat and cryptocurrency hybrid solution — one that ensures a frictionless, seamless and cost effective entry and exit-strategy for global users — we immediately noticed that this solution was powerful not just for consumers’ cryptocurrency activities, but also for their traditional assets and investments. This was an important revelation. A hybrid asset solution allows us to build a transformational platform that encompasses both the new AND old economies, while also enabling consumers to manage all of their financial assets and activities through a unified solution and platform. Unification provides consumers with dynamic features including access to debit and credit cards, checking and investment accounts, seamless wireless payment solutions integrated with your mobile phone and popular mobile wallets, and even mobile wealth management.

With this hybrid solution now in hand, it was also clear that the current problems faced by most of our industry peers was not a lack of good technology solutions, but rather a lack of vibrant legal structures that typically relied on lower level restrictive financial authorizations, specifically money transmission licenses. Whether this was driven by a desire to limit operational or financial strains caused by regulation and compliance is not clear, however, it was clear that these decisions were negatively impacting the consumer experience through higher fees or cumbersome operational processes.

With the above fact pattern, it was immediately apparent to us that the best way to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of our industry and the Ethos Platform while also offering consumers a superior experience, was to embrace financial regulation and deliver a superior legal model upon which to build a universally compliant Multi-Sided Hybrid Investment Platform– without sacrificing the many powerful benefits of distributed ledger technology. Ethos is delivering a next generation crypto platform that embraces regulations and compliance, not runs away from it, without sacrificing consumer protection, and with human-centred design at its heart.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be sharing more about the many initiatives we are pushing forward as part of our unique approach to building the Ethos Fiat Gateway. As you take in these numerous press releases, articles and general announcements we believe the information shared today will help you better understand what we are doing to “Put The Power Back In The Hands Of The People”!

Thank you

Stephen Corliss
Chief Global Strategist 

Why Ethos?

From Bitquence to Ethos

Very exciting times for us here at Ethos! We have officially completed our rebrand from Bitquence to Ethos. I know many of you may have been attached to the Bitquence brand, but we believe that we need a brand that is ready to tackle mass markets - a brand that is ready to change the world.


What Does Ethos Mean?

In Aristotle’s model of persuasion, there are three components - Logos, Pathos and Ethos.

Logos is an appeal to logic. An example of this would be “Cryptocurrencies allow you to transact cheaply and quickly anywhere in the world.”

Pathos is an appeal to emotion. An example of this would be “Financial institutions never really cared about the average person, it is time to make a change!”

Ethos is an appeal to ethics and credibility. An example of this would be “As someone who has experienced both the old and new economy, I can assure you that cryptocurrencies will improve the lives of people everywhere.”

Ethos is about more than just that though - It is about fulfilling our obligation to improve the financial system and make the world more equal for all. The logical and emotional benefits of cryptocurrencies have largely been communicated well by people within the industry.

“Bitcoin is cheap and allows you to transact instantly without intermediaries.”

“You should use Bitcoin so that the banks aren’t controlling your money.”

But, despite that, the industry is plagued with ethical criticism. We hear things such as:

“Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are just tools for criminals and darknet markets!”

“Bitcoin needs to be regulated so that it can’t be used for money laundering!”

“Why should I trust my money with a bunch of hackers?”

Ethos is about bringing Ethics into the cryptocurrency world. Ethos is about unlocking the future of finance and empowering the world. Ethos is about building a people-powered cryptocurrency platform - for everyone. Ethos is about investing in our future together.

Whether or not someone, or something, has ethos, however, is in the hands of the community - in you. We believe we have an obligation to make the world better and that it isn’t just good enough to trust that those in power will act ethically. We believe that financial tools aren’t just for the 1%, but for everyone and that cryptocurrencies have the power to unlock these benefits and democratize finance. These are beliefs that we hold, but also beliefs that we need to share with others especially as adoption grows.


Why is Ethos Important?

The Ethos brand will be making the cryptocurrency industry far harder to criticize. When we see media and financial institutions criticizing Bitcoin, it’s easy. Regulation has been largely reactionary and governments and politicians genuinely believe that they are stopping terrorists and protecting consumers when in reality they are on a path to stifle one of the greatest revolutions the world has ever seen. To criticize Ethos, however, is much more difficult. With Ethos they are attacking positive values rather than negative ones. They are attacking ideas like community, solidarity, financial empowerment, ethics, integrity and transparency. Much more difficult.

It is important that we aren’t just different now, but that we also stay different as we grow. Ethos is branding itself in this way not only to be ethical and challenge the system now, but to stay ethical as we grow and to truly embody the name.

ethos cryptocurrency manifesto

The Ethos Manifesto

The Ethos Manifesto

To build a bridge

To establish a marketplace

To bring together people and knowledge

To unite old and new

 Trust yourself

Don’t be satisfied with what is

Imagine what can be

Control your wealth, and your destiny

The future is for everyone

We are Ethos.

Ethos Team KDP

Ethos welcomes Kevin Dean Pettit

Our new Product Manager Kevin Dean Pettit has a brilliant background in product design and development, and he's hopped in to quickly streamline our development process, oversee the incorporation of all of the great feedback we've received from our Product Council, and help refine our vision for our product experience and ecosystem.

In addition to being an avid crypto investor, Kevin built his expertise as product manager with a successful track record of launching and improving financial systems at a Fortune 50 company. His keen ability to uncover business value has been used to optimize multi-billion dollar investment portfolios, for trade floor and pricing desk analytics, in determining exit strategy and for payment processing. Kevin has extensive experience building high performance agile teams and organizing and leading new products from idea through execution.

Shingo has assembled an impressive team focused on leading us into the New Economy. I'm excited to help bring great products to market that will bridge the gap, making crypto more accessible to everyday people, and more.

We're excited to be building the future of finance with Kevin!