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A Revolutionary Platform Connecting Financial Institutions with the Blockchain
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Bridging the World of Finance with Blockchain.

Ethos Bedrock is a high-performance Blockchain Financial Services (BFS) platform.  Bedrock’s powerful abstraction layer is designed to make blockchain and cryptographic protocols accessible to financial institutions as internet protocols.

Using Bedrock, institutions can safely and securely leverage battle-tested, state-of-the-art digital asset technology, and lay the groundwork for crypto financial services such as custody, liquidity, brokerage and lending.

Bedrock leverages open peer-reviewed standards such as BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 that enable institutions or their customers to safekeep hundreds of digital assets through Ethos’ SmartKey technology. Bedrock also includes an abstraction layer that offers support for multiple blockchains and custom digital assets. 

Bedrock is designed to be safe, scalable and comply with regulatory frameworks.  Using Bedrock, institutions can create self-custody wallet solutions or institutional custody programs.

Making Blockchain Protocols as Easy as Internet Protocols

Blockchain Enterprise Applications
Digital Wallets
Digital Wallets
Fiat Gateway
Fiat Gateways
Wealth Management
Wealth Management

Ethos Bedrock API Solutions


APIs to create keys, addresses and deterministic omnibus directories.


APIs for Blockchain transactions including broadcast, signature and verification.


Notification system for transaction state and alerting on abnormal transactions.


Enabling institutions to cryptographically verify source of funds and identities.


Direct connections to live managed Blockchain nodes enabling instant notifications of pending and verified transactions.

APIs Built with Trusted Tech

Including NodeJS, TypeScript 2.0,  Websocket, React, NATS, GraphQL, OAuth2, Protobuf, Docker, Kubernetes, Open Tracing & Jaeger

Bedrock Explained

The Foundational Architecture for Crypto Services

Ethos Bedrock is a foundation API Architecture designed to enable institutions to create their own Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. 

Bedrock provides the infrastructure for a new wave of revolutionary new blockchain-based products and services that will power the digital economy of the future.

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Benefits of Bedrock & Institutional Self Custody

Designed on battle-tested BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 standards
Enabling consumers or institutions to safekeep their digital assets through SmartKeys
Easy to use blockchain protocols with multiple blockchain support
Create institutional crypto wallets, liquidity and custody services

Powered by the Ethos Token

Unlocking the Suite of Blockchain Web Services

The Ethos token provides prorated access to the Bedrock API. Our Gas system protects the network from resource greedy and inefficient applications, while giving privileges to those who use our gas system. Similar to Amazon Web Services, but for blockchain at the API level, ready-made for finance. Just like how Ethereum uses Ether as gas to power Smart Contracts with the added benefit of eliminating payment risk from the business and the consumer. Our win-win ecosystem operates more efficiently, at the lowest possible cost allowed, always delivering maximum benefit to both businesses and consumers. And every new participant adds increasing value to the network.

Up and Running at Scale

Universal Wallet Runs Completely on Bedrock

Built 100% on Bedrock
Over 100+ Tokens supported
Store, track, send and receive all in one app
Secured with a single Ethos SmartKey
Private SmartKeys are never transmitted
Extends the Hierarchical Deterministic (BIP32) standard for custody
Transactions signed on device then broadcast to Blockchain via Bedrock
Thin client built on Bedrock APIs
Strategic Partnerships

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