Ethos Trading Competition on BitMart is Now Live!

ETHOS Trading Competition on BitMart!

Trade ETHOS to Win 50,000 Tokens in Prizes

Ethos (ETHOS) has been listed on BitMart. To celebrate the listing of ETHOS and give back to our community, we will give away a total of 50,000 ETHOS to all participants in the BitMart Trading Competition!

This past week we announced that ETHOS has been listed on BitMart, we are now excited to share that we will be sponsoring an ETHOS trading competition on BiMart as well. To celebrate the listing of ETHOS and give back to our community, we will give away a total of 50,000 ETHOS to the top ten participants of the trading competition!


The trading competition will begin August 12th at 10 AM (EDT) and will end on August 26th at 10 AM (EDT).

How will it work?

Users will be ranked in terms of the total trading volume of ETHOS on their BitMart account across all ETHOS trading pairs during the competition period. 

What are the rewards?

The 10 traders with the highest trade volume will be awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st: 12,500 ETHOS
  • 2nd: 11,250 ETHOS
  • 3rd: 8,750 ETHOS
  • 4th-10th: split 17,500 ETHOS evenly

Notes about participating in the competition:

  1. By trading ETHOS, users are automatically enrolled in the “Trading Competition”.
  2. Rewards will be sent within a 2-week period after the promotion concludes. You can log into your BitMart account to check your prizes.
  3. All trades that we deem to be “wash trades” will not count towards your trading volume for this trading competition.
  4. BitMart reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion.

ATTENTION: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. BitMart will make its best effort to list only high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

Happy Trading on BitMart!

The Ethos Team


Ethos Token Now Listed on Bitmart

Ethos Token Now Listed on BitMart

Trade ETHOS now with BTC & ETH Pairs Today!

It’s official, the ETHOS Token is now listed on BitMart!

BitMart is a fast-growing top crypto exchange, giving users the power to trade ETHOS with BTC & ETH pairs.

Hello Ethos Community,

We are pleased to share that the ETHOS token is now listed on Bitmart!  You can deposit and begin trading today at 08/06/2019 at 8:00 AM (EDT).

Founded in 2017, Bitmart is a leading digital asset exchange, designed for both individuals and institutions. Similar to Ethos, they share in our mission to work towards a fairer financial system for all.  

While the company is still in its early stages of growth, they have been hard at work building their team which now has offices in New York, Greater China, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Additionally, Bitmart has supported over 850,000 customers to date and is available in over 180 countries, and usually  ranks in the Top 25 Exchanges by volume. BitMart also offers over 228 trading pairs!

“We are delighted to list ETHOS on our exchange,” said Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO of BitMart. “Ethos is a people-powered blockchain platform that makes it easy and safe for users to interact with the new economy, this coincides with BitMart’s philosophy of popularizing blockchain to everyone.”

With every new exchange listing, we are excited for the opportunity to introduce Ethos & Voyager to a broader audience and continue to grow our community, while also introducing our community to Bitmart. ETHOS will be paired with BTC and ETH, providing crypto enthusiasts around the world the opportunity to purchase and trade the token. 

We hope this collaboration will also enhance the power of the Ethos Token, through increasing its liquidity and empowering more people to feel comfortable with maintaining self-custody of their assets.

Big Thanks to our Community!

We appreciate our loyal community support as we grow and expand our ecosystem, as it drives our direction and future. We look forward to continuing to build out the liquidity, utility and solutions that you most need and desire.  Join the Voyager and Ethos Telegram – Connect with the Team & Community

The future is bright!


Ethos Token Now Live On Voyager

Ethos Token Now Live On Voyager

Buy & Trade ETHOS with USD Commission-Free!

It’s official, the Ethos Token is now listed on Voyager! 

Voyager is both a commission-free fiat-gateway and crypto trading app, giving crypto users a fast, safe and commission-free option to buy and trade Ethos.

Ethos is Now Supported on Voyager!

We are beyond excited to share with the Ethos community and crypto enthusiasts alike, that you now have the opportunity to purchase Ethos directly and trade Ethos with USD through Voyager. 

This unique listing will be the first ever fiat pairing with the Ethos Token, which means the first opportunity the community will have to purchase Ethos directly with US Dollars. The ETHOS Token will have its own profile, interactive charts and data in the Voyager App. 

Voyager is currently available in 49-US States and US territories on iOS. Voyager will be expanding internationally in the coming months, and Android will be coming in Q4 2019. 

Sign up to stay tuned for Voyager Updates Here: Voyager. 

Ethos Token Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals Coming Soon

Recently, Voyager and Ethos utilized our blockchain abstraction API platform, Ethos Bedrock, to enable crypto deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin and Ethereum on Voyager. Now, the team is back at it again, focused on building and enabling crypto deposits and withdrawals of the Ethos token. This feature is currently in development, and we’ll announce it when it’s ready and live. 

Our Powers Combined – Ethos Token Utility on Ethos & Voyager

The Ethos token will power features such as Cashback Rewards, discounted fees on live-trading of self-custody assets on Voyager & more.

This is a major milestone and brings us one step closer to implementing our token utility vision and plans within the Voyager app, as we build the foundation for our token utility to be fully manifested and accessible for all users.

The Journey Here

Founded in mid-2017, Ethos has spent the past two years building infrastructure to help bring users and businesses simple and safe access to the blockchain. In building the Ethos Universal Wallet, Ethos has helped enable the ability for crypto users to simply and securely store, track, send and receive their crypto assets for free. The Universal Wallet is built on Bedrock, a foundation platform that abstracts and makes blockchains more accessible, and secure for both individuals and financial institutions.

In 2018, Voyager and Ethos entered into a relationship that has evolved into the merging of the two companies. Together, our teams have brought to market a commission-free crypto trading app that supports trading between fiat and over 20 crypto assets, market & limit orders, and crypto deposits and withdrawals. 

The Voyager app offers investors unmatched access to the crypto market, with enhanced price discovery, access to liquidity, and speed through our smart order router technology –– all in one convenient place.

Big Thanks to our Community!

We appreciate your insights and input as a community, as it helps inform our direction and future. We look forward to building out the services that you most need and desire.  Join the Voyager and Ethos Telegram – Connect with the Team & Community

The future is bright!


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Bitcoin Cash BCH Now Supported on Ethos Universal Wallet

Bitcoin Cash BCH Now Supported on Ethos Universal Wallet

Hello, Bitcoin Cash! Easily and securely store, swap, track, send and receive your Bitcoin Cash BCH on the Ethos Universal Wallet.

Bitcoin Cash BCH – the #1 Most Adopted Bitcoin Fork

Over the last few years, there have been a number of hard forks on Bitcoin but none have gained the same level of traction as Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is seen by some as having the potential to address the scalability concerns associated with Bitcoin, with the intention to spur mass adoption through merchants and payments around the World. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is peer-to-peer electronic cash for the internet. Bitcoin Cash formed from a hard fork which took effect on August 1 of 2017, led by developers who wanted to increase the block size, which in theory allows it to process more transactions per second. 

Similar to Bitcoin and other blockchains, BCH is fully decentralized with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate. At present, it’s accepted by around 1,000 retailers as a means of payment, and is a part of the thriving and growing crypto economy.

Bitcoin Cash on the Universal Wallet

So it’s with a lot of excitement, and a ton of hard work from our developers and engineers, that Ethos is welcoming the Bitcoin Cash community into ours, as we’ve now listed and support Bitcoin Cash BCH on our Ethos Universal Wallet. Users can now store, track, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on the Universal Wallet.

Bitcoin Cash Swaps with ShapeShift

Want to swap tokens for Bitcoin Cash directly in your wallet? Easy. Simply, use ShapeShift to swap a number of tokens for Bitcoin Cash or vice versa, while always maintaining self-custody of your assets in the Wallet.

As we move forward on the path of crypto asset adoption, we look forward to bringing communities together through the Universal Wallet, providing them with a safe and secure place to store, buy, swap, send, and receive their assets.

Download the Universal Wallet today.

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. We appreciate your insights and input as a community, as it helps inform our direction and future.

Join the Ethos Telegram – Connect with the Team & Community

Looking to trade or buy Bitcoin Cash with USD commission-free? Download the Voyager Crypto Trading App!

The future is bright!


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Universal Wallet Update 2.0 Now Live

Universal Wallet Update 2.0 Now Live

Welcome, Bitcoin Cash & a Faster Wallet!

One of our biggest releases yet, Update 2.0 delivers a faster wallet, quicker and cheaper transactions, the addition of Bitcoin Cash & more….

Bitcoin Cash Now Supported on the Universal Wallet!

We are thrilled to welcome Bitcoin Cash and the community of BCH enthusiasts to Ethos.

Bitcoin Cash can be added to users’ SmartWallets – where you can transfer Bitcoin Cash directly to your wallet and store it there for safekeeping, secured with your pin and biometrics. If you need to send or receive Bitcoin Cash, you can do it in a snap by scanning a QR code address.

Bitcoin Cash has a full coin profile, complete with live interactive charts and data, easy tracking, as well as the ability for users to rate and leave comments on the profile. 

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is peer-to-peer electronic cash for the internet. Bitcoin Cash formed from a hard fork of Bitcoin, led by developers who wanted to increase the block size, which allows it to process more transactions per second. It is fully decentralized with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate. Accepted by around 1,000 retailers as a means of payment, Bitcoin Cash has become a well-adopted part of the thriving and growing crypto economy.

Now 2x Faster – 100% Increase in Wallet Performance

Just ahead of our 2.0 release we migrated our servers and upgraded our backend system. With this large-scale data migration, the majority of our users will experience a significant increase in app speed on various features and functions in the app. 

Faster ETH & ERC20 Token Transfers to Your Wallet

With this update, we’ve upgraded our Ethereum Nodes. So, you’ll find that ETH and ERC20 token transfers to the wallet will appear much faster, after just a couple confirmations on the blockchain. No long confirmation wait times or constantly checking your transaction history to see when the transaction has settled. Receive your crypto faster!

Bitcoin Transaction Fee Improvement 

We have worked to optimize our fee calculation process for Bitcoin BTC transactions. With this update, you will find that BTC transaction fees are reduced by upwards of 20%! 

New Token – Typerium TYPE

We’d like to welcome all TYPE holders into the Ethos community. Typerium is building a decentralized content creation platform, and we are excited to support this rising project with a great team, shared community and look forward to see how their platform empowers content creators around the World!

Upgrade to Ethos Bedrock for Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals on Voyager

Ethos Universal Wallet Update 2.0 brings with it an upgrade to our backend APIs and blockchain abstraction system, Ethos Bedrock, including the introduction of the Ethos x Voyager custody solution. 

In essence, the custody solution allows users of the Voyager Trading App, to deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin & Ethereum directly to and from their Voyager App.

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. We appreciate your insights and input as a community, as it helps inform our direction and future.

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The future is bright!


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Ethos x Voyager Token Utility AMA Write-Up

Ethos x Voyager Token Utility AMA Write-Up

Introducing New Token Utility Models & Exciting Announcements

In our recent broadcast, we announced Voyager will list the Ethos Token in July, Crypto Deposits/Withdrawals Powered by Bedrock, and Ethos Token Utility Models across our all-in-one ecosystem. This is a summary of the broadcast and links to the recording, presentation deck, and more...

The Big Announcements 

The stream was jam packed full of exciting announcements, too many to summarize here, so make sure to watch the full-recording below. But to highlight a few!

The Ethos Token will be Listed on Voyager in July ’19

Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals coming to Voyager in July – Powered by Ethos Bedrock

Introducing Live Trading on Voyager Powered by Universal Vault & Ethos Bedrock

New Token Utility Model #1: Live Trading Fees

New Token Utility Model#2: Instant Transactions via Live Trading

New Token Utility Model #3: Reduced Crypto Withdrawal Fees and Future Fees

Voyager will Launch on Android in Q4 2019

And many more announcements & exciting updates…

Make sure to watch the livestream and read through the full presentation to get fully caught up on the new developments we’ve been making as an organization in combining our team, talent & tech!

Livestream Recording on YouTube

Whether you missed the livestream AMA or were only able to join us for a part of the broadcast, here is the full recording of the livestream for your viewing and learning pleasure!

Livestream Presentation Slides

Want to review the presentation slides at your leisure or review everything we shared in more depth? Here is the full presentation deck we used during the livestream – complete with the exciting announcements we debuted.

Followup AMA in Ethos Telegram Next Tuesday

In preparing for this livestream, we received over 100-questions from our community, and couldn’t get to everything in one-stream. So to keep the conversation going, next week we will do an AMA in our telegram channel, to go even deeper on our announcements, as well as clarify some more of the community’s burning questions.

When: July 16th at 12pm PDT // 3pm EST 

Where: AMA in the Ethos Telegram Channel

Want to get your question personally answered by Shingo Lavine or Steve Capone? 

Join the Ethos Telegram and ask your question using #AMA:

The Future is for Everyone

This stream marked a major milestone for our shared organization of Ethos & Voyager. It also is the beginning of a new chapter for our products, ecosystem, and token. 

Stay on the lookout for more exciting announcements on the horizon in the coming weeks and months!

And a Big Thanks to our Community!

The future is bright!


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Cardano ADA Now Supported on Ethos Universal Wallet

Cardano ADA Now Supported on Ethos Universal Wallet

We’ve listed Cardano ADA!

The token powering the first open-source blockchain project to be developed from a scientific philosophy. Easily and securely store, track, send and receive your Cardano ADA on the Ethos Universal Wallet.

Since launching in September of 2017, Cardano’s Token, ADA, has become one of the most popular crypto assets on the market, garnering wide-spread interest from the crypto community. Cardano is seen as a potential real-solution to building a scalable and decentralized blockchain platform.

The team behind Cardano’s development is known for having an academic background and taking a scientific approach to development. Their website states that Cardano is,“The first blockchain project to be developed from a scientific philosophy, and the only one to be designed and built by a global team of leading academics and engineers.”

Cardano is a fully open source crypto project that, through a research-first driven approach, is developing a smart contract platform which aims to deliver more advanced features than any existing blockchain protocol. Cardano wants to achieve a balance between the needs of users with those of regulators, and in doing so combine privacy with regulation.

Cardano has a major update on the near-horizon, as they prepare to release their Shelley testnet to a core group of developers, which will be the groundwork for releasing their protocol to public developers, initiating their blockchain revolution of sorts.

With the aim to deliver unique financial and blockchain-based services to people around the world, they plan to promote financial inclusion by providing access to fair financial services for people around the world.

Here are three organizations, separate in ownership and leadership, that are contributing to the development of Cardano ecosystem:

The Cardano Foundation – A non-profit and independent body based in Switzerland with core responsibilities to help oversee and supervise the development of Cardano and its ecosystem.

Input Output HK (IOHK) – IOHK, founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is a technology company committed to using peer-to-peer innovations to provide financial services to the billions of people who currently don’t have them. They are an engineering company that builds cryptocurrencies and blockchains for academic institutions, government entities and corporations.

EMURGOEMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders by building, investing in, and advising projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

Cardano ADA – the #1 Most Request Coin for Universal Wallet

In conducting a variety of community polls and surveys, Cardano emerged the #1 winner of most-requested token for us to list time and time again. Cardano being both a relatively new and yet established project, we saw there was a need for more quality wallet solutions for the token, especially on mobile.

So it’s with a lot of excitement, and a ton of hard work from our developers and engineers, that Ethos is welcoming the Cardano community into ours, as we’ve now listed and support Cardano ADA on our Ethos Universal Wallet.

As we all look ahead towards a more equal and fair society being built before our eyes, we share in the mission to bring fair and empowering financial services to users across the World. We are thrilled to support ADA on our wallet, support the mission, and help pave the road to mass adoption.

As we move forward on the path of crypto asset adoption, we look forward to bringing communities together through the Universal Wallet, providing them with a safe and secure place to store, send, and receive their assets.

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. We appreciate your insights and input as a community, as it helps inform our direction and future.

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Looking to trade or buy Cardano with USD commission-free? Download the Voyager Crypto Trading App!

The future is bright!


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Universal Wallet Update 1.9 Including Cardano ADA is Now Live

Universal Wallet Update 1.9 Now Live

Hello, Cardano ADA!

Download or update the Ethos Universal Wallet to the latest Version v1.9, to safely and simple store, track, send & receive Cardano ADA. Available on both iOS & Google play. Learn more about the latest update...

Cardano Now Supported on the Universal Wallet!

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the Cardano Token and community to Ethos. In the last several months, we polled and surveyed our community on what token they most wanted to see next in the Universal Wallet – and Cardano won with resounding support on multiple occasions.

You voted, and we listened, making Cardano a top priority for us.  

But it was a perfect fit because at Ethos we value Cardano’s commitment to a scientific approach to blockchain, and wanted to contribute to the movement by providing a user-friendly wallet solution for the Cardano community.

Cardano can be added to users SmartWallets – where they can track the coin, view the live chart, as well as rate the token and leave comments. You can also transfer Cardano directly to your wallet and store it there for safekeeping, secured with your pin and/or biometric. If you need to send or receive Cardano ADA, you can do it in a snap by scanning a QR code address.

Wondering, What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. The development team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers

A big shoutout to our lead engineer, Derek Barrera, who has been hard at work integrating Cardano into both Ethos Bedrock and the Universal Wallet.

Other New Additions in Update 1.9

Lock Screen Enhancements

With Update v1.9, we have implemented feedback from our users around the lock screen. Now, users will find that when they open their “open-apps” navigation on their device, the Universal Wallet screen will blur to provide enhanced privacy to users.

Additionally, prior to update 1.9, when a user took this action and returned to the Wallet they were prompted to unlock the Universal Wallet. With this update the user is able to return from viewing their open apps directly to their Universal Wallet with it staying unlocked and accessible.

ERC20 Tokens Added to the Wallet

With our latest update, we welcome 3 new ERC20 tokens into the Universal Wallet. Supported in both the SmartWallet and Watchfolio, users will be able to receive, send, store and learn about these tokens and exciting projects.

New ERC20 Tokens

Pantos: PAN – Pantos aims to bring influential blockchain projects closer together, improve communication between developers, researchers and users, and set innovative standards for decentralised cross-chain token transfers.

Parachute: PAR – A platform to send cryptocurrency to anyone, instantly. Creator of ParJar, the coolest tip bot on Telegram, which we actively use in Ethos to tip our community for quality contributions.

Omnitude: ECOM – Omnitude is a pioneering hybrid blockchain business. We are focused on bringing the benefits of this new disruptive technology to future facing enterprises that recognise its transformative role in bringing real‑world commercial advantage.

All tokens listed are currently live and fully-transactable!

“Trade with Voyager” Added to Left Side Navigation for iOS Users

If you’re on iPhone and in the U.S. (Android & Global coming soon..) then we’ve added a button to directly link you to the Voyager App. Once you install the app and fund your account, users can trade 20+ crypto assets direct with USD, using our SmartOrder Router & Crypto broker solution, which gives you direct near-instant order access to the liquidity of the global crypto market.

Voyager & Ethos have united forces as one organization – delivering complete end-to-end crypto and financial services to the people! Learn more about Voyager:

Quick Link to Wallet Settings

We also made customizing your SmartWallet easier. We’ve added a settings icon to the upper left corner of the SmartWallet, giving you a simple and intuitive way of accessing wallet settings directly within the wallet you are viewing.

In the settings, you can now more easily rename a wallet, hide individual coins in a wallet or hide the wallet altogether. Users can also manage their security settings with more ease, as we give you the ability to unlock your wallet with your password or pin, or your pin and biometric for an added layer of security.

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. We appreciate your insights and input as a community, as it helps inform our direction and future.

Join the Ethos Telegram – Connect with the Team & Community

The future is bright!


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Ethos x Voyager Community AMA Transcript with Steve & Shingo

Ethos x Voyager Community AMA Transcript with Steve & Shingo

Over the course of the last several weeks, we collected all your most pressing questions about Ethos, Voyager and what's in store for our future. We received lots of great questions which were presented to Voyager CEO, Steve Ehrlich, and Ethos Founder & Voyager CIO, Shingo Lavine during a live AMA in our Telegram Community. This is the full transcript of the Community AMA.

Ethos x Voyager Community AMA Transcript

Q: When will Ethos/Voyager plan to go international, and which regions/countries first?

Steve: Great first question – we are actively working with banks and regulators to turn the combined company into a global company.  This will take some time but we are hopeful by the 4th quarter we can share where we will be.

Q: Now that Ethos has merged with Voyager, did this change what kind of customer you are aiming for? For example, the ones that are more interested in regular stocks, but like to use crypto trading to make gains instead of holding crypto for longer time period?

Steve: We believe crypto serves multiple purposes and hits multiple segments. There are traders and hodlers and the combined companies can serve both types of customers. We don’t see a reason why we would exclude anyone trying to use our products.

Q: In the Ethos app, we can buy/sell different coins, but we can’t purchase Ethos. Now, since Ethos and Voyager are working as a single company, how soon can we expect the functionality to purchase Ethos Tokens from Voyager app? Also, will there be Ethos/BTC or Ethos/stable coin pair in the future?

Steve: Love the question – Voyager is working on a super advanced router that will be launched by early summer. Once this router is done we will be able to add Ethos and other coins to the platform. We are huge believers in the coin and the community and value and want to make it easier for customers to acquire the coin. At this point we haven’t decided on the pair although to a USD stablecoin is likely.

Q: Do we have any other bedrock customers in the pipeline? Will the Ethos token still be used to power it?

Steve: I am sure everyone saw the Ledger announcement today. That’s the beginning of developing upon Bedrock and moving the ball forward using Bedrock as a core competency for the Voyager/Ethos offering. We are really excited by today’s announcement and think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Q: Will there ever be a desktop version of the Ethos and Voyager systems?

Steve: A desktop version is being contemplated but as of now we feel a majority of crypto hodlers and traders want to use their mobile app. If there is significant demand for a desktop version we can look at that. I would suggest people complete our latest survey to let us know what they want.

Q: Will there ever be an opportunity for individuals to run Bedrock nodes, which would be able to answer API calls, and collect a portion of the Ethos fee as a reward? This could drive huge demand for the token and increase the scalability, decentralization, and reliability of Bedrock.

Shingo: This is something that has been contemplated and thought about quite a bit internally. There are a number of things we would have to engineer for this though… How do you ensure that nodes are operating truthfully? What happens when someone running a node is being malicious? A service like Bedrock that spans across multiple blockchains can’t rely on any of the underlying networks in order to run…

What you’d need to build is a second layer decentralized network that was able to bridge the underlying networks in a trustless way while at the same time building some sort of governance system to ensure that nodes operated truthfully. This is not a simple task by any means and doing it properly would take a lot of resources.

That being said, we see a ton of benefits for it including…

  1. High token velocity and utility
  2. Scalability if implemented right
  3. Decentralization of an important service that many other providers could be relying on in the future

This will be on our radar as we look towards the future and think about how we want to build the Bedrock business. Right now Bedrock is being used to kickstart a lot of these institutional relationships and is giving the business a competitive edge that will be shared with users in a better user experience. I see Bedrock and opportunities like these as the next phase of the business after we grow out of this one

Q: What do you see as the biggest hurdle for getting more investors interested in increasing their exposure to crypto assets?

Steve: We think seeing major players start to enter the space (ie Fidelity Custody) will start to drive more and more interest. The increased price of BTC and subsequent news coverage (60 minutes) has also been helpful. The Voyager app over the last few weeks has also seen a huge uptick of customers as well. We also believe products like Ethos and Voyager which make crypto trading and holding easy help drive adoption.

Q: Is it possible to brainstorm to involve the existing community as part of the marketing push (ie hashtag competition #ourEthos) to explain the meaning/vision of our awesome product?

Amateo: I’ll chime in on that one – and the answer to that is absolutely. We used our last round of surveys to get a lot of community feedback which directly informed some of our tech, features and coin listings – I’ll work with the community to keep them engaged in the campaigns moving forward.

What incentive do Voyager shareholders have to support the token? How does it work to their advantage? As shareholders, they have rights whereas token holders do not. What is to stop them from pressuring the company to remove the token from the ecosystem if they decide it’s a liability?

Steve: The Voyager Board strongly believes in the token. The Board is comprised of the largest stakeholders of Voyager. As noted earlier, the token is a very powerful tool for Voyager/Ethos to help drive engagement, rewards, utility and community. It’s not something we take lightly.

Is it possible for Voyager/Ethos to expedite some of the planned work by hiring more developers/engineers? It seems like the team has a great plan and is executing on that plan, but perhaps there may be some bottlenecks causing avoidable delays. I wonder if some extra sets of hands could help things move along a little quicker?

Steve: As with every development project there is a point of declining returns on adding staff. We are creating products that require a tremendous amount of thought and detail. We believe we have the perfect balance right now to build the best products and bring the best value to the community, shareholders and customers. Many of the things we are building have never been done before and we have the best team to make these things happen.

Q: What can we expect about token utility beside cashback? Will there be utility for all holders (non-traders)?

Steve: We are looking at a lot of different items for token utility and we can say for certain that it won’t be limited to just cashback. A trading app combined with a self-custody experience has never been done before and there are tremendous opportunities for token utility within that. Gas fees, Margin trading, lending, P2P transactions – there is so much that we can open up with the combination and we are excited about a future that combines the best of Ethos and Voyager.

Q: Is there any competitive advantage – this I refer to strictly as something Ethos/Voyager can do that potential rivals can’t – that you have developed or are developing, and how are you going to sustain that advantage over time so that you create high barriers to entry and can maintain economic profits in the long run?

Steve: Love this question. Might be my favorite. As we bring the companies together we are examining how we bring the products together to deliver the very first trading app with self custody storage. The token is integral in this as we make the transfer seamless for customers. When you couple multiple custody options with our best execution capabilities you have something no one is doing. Our router is so advanced we can find the best execution/best available price across the exchanges we connect to and again no one has done this.

Ethos/Voyager is a CRYPTO Broker. The other guys are everything but.

Q: Will the Ethos wallet accept ST-20 tokens?

Shingo: ST-20 potentially although I think the question is really around security tokens in general since there hasn’t really been a standard that has emerged that has trumped all others. For security tokens – for me the bigger question is the strategic importance of security tokens rather than the technical difficulty of integrating them. How many big security tokens have launched over the last 12 months that have universal recognition and success? I can’t even name 3 security tokens that have launched over the last 12 months let alone any that have had success. We are in the early, early days of security tokens and being able to store them on the Universal Wallet has minimal additional utility

However, if we see in the near future a boom in security tokens, we will absolutely look at integrating and trading them

Steve: We have had meetings with quite a few STO Exchanges – they all want us to connect. Unfortunately there isn’t any volume yet. What most people don’t know is that we own a Registered Broker Dealer which allows us to offer STOs and other securities whenever we deem the timing is right.

Q: Are there any plans to add Neo and Nep5 tokens to the wallet?

Shingo: For NEO/NEP-5 and really all other coins, our biggest fear is investing months of development time/effort just for nobody to use it or for the coin to diminish in popularity making our development investment all for naught. I’m not saying NEO isn’t worth the investment, but that is our thought process for when we integrate tokens.

NEO/NEP-5 integrating will depend on a number of factors including the number of customers that end up trading NEO and NEP-5 tokens on the platform. I’ve looked into the technical path and anticipate it will be about as long if not longer than ADA integration. It is on the higher end of coins that we want to integrate by priority.

Q: Coinbase has released a debit card, Ethos said they would – does Ethos or Voyager still plan to have a debit card linked to your Voyager account?

Steve: We think at some point debit cards will be part of the Voyager/Ethos ecosystem. As we build out the global FIAT gateway we will likely add that functionality at some point in the future.

Q: Ethos/Voyager plans to be an institutional custodial solution, but aren’t institutions more likely to put their funds in larger or more trusted solutions such as Fidelity? What advantages does Ethos have over them?

Steve: One word – partnerships – we have had numerous discussions with various custodial partners about using Bedrock.

Q: With so many other multi-cryptocurrency wallets coming out, it seems this will be the normal standard people expect. What will keep Ethos ahead of their competitors?

Steve: Its the seamless integration into trading

Q: How far down the road do you see widespread institutional adoption happening?

Steve: Starting to happen but most likely still a few years away as the US awaits a clearer regulatory framework.

Q: When can we expect Payroc crypto payments to launch?

Steve: Payroc is still on the development roadmap – we have no timing yet on release.

Q: Apart from what’s already on the DevDash, what other chains will be added to the UW and how long would that work take?  The greatest potential will be unlocked when Voyager’s and Ethos Bedrock’s chain support are in line with one another. How soon do you expect the chain support of the two platforms to match?

Shingo: This is a good question because it highlights something unique about Voyager and Ethos put together.

A coin has four states within the ecosystem:

  • Transactable
  • Depositable
  • Withdrawable
  • Tradeable

And we won’t be limited on a coin only being some or one of those states. I’m not sure that it will ever “perfectly line up” because we may want to test customer interest by turning on trading before deposits or transactions before trading etc. In terms of future chain integrations, I’ll defer to my previous answer – we have to look at customer demand. If there is a demand for something we’ll integrate it, but we don’t want to waste our precious resources integrating chains that aren’t in demand by the community.

Q: Will Ethos tokens be rebranded to Voyager in future? However, if the team feels that rebranding is not the right decision, I would like to know what is the reasoning behind that as well.

Steve: That is one item we are discussing internally as there are pros and cons to each approach. It is not a decision we take lightly and will gather feedback from multiple constituents before we make any final decision

Q: Do you still plan to introduce domain names in the next year or two?

Shingo: It’s something that is being discussed internally and once we have a roadmap for it we will be able to share more

Big Thank You to the Community!

Thank you for all your contributions towards the AMA. We’ll be doing more in the near future. If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop by our Telegram channel.

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Ledger Providing Foundation for Voyager Liquidity Network Powered by Bedrock

Ledger Providing Foundation for Voyager Liquidity Network Powered by Bedrock

The inside scoop on our breaking news about a business relationship with Ledger, one of the most successful leaders in crypto hardware solutions, to work together to provide an extremely secure custody solution for Voyager's brokerage service, powered by Ethos Bedrock

We’ve just announced a major new business relationship with Ledger, one of the most successful leaders in crypto hardware solutions. Under this relationship, the companies will work together to provide an extremely secure source for customer’s crypto assets stored with Voyager’s brokerage service.

Ethos and Voyager believe that there will be customers that want both a hosted custody solution – meaning funds are held by the company on the customer’s behalf – and a self-custody solution – meaning only the customer holds the keys for the funds and can initiate transactions.

We believe that both needs are important to properly fulfill. This also gives customers the ability to seamlessly access their funds at all times. Customers with funds held in custody can have peace of mind knowing that one of the most secure and reputable brands in the crypto space’s hardware security technology is being used to secure their funds on Voyager.

Very few organizations in the crypto space are attempting to build a comprehensive liquidity network spanning multiple global exchanges like Voyager. Improving the execution experience in the crypto space is a difficult task given how fragmented and disjointed individual crypto exchanges are from one another.

The Voyager router solves this problem by finding best execution by searching all available global exchanges when orders come in.  This router, combined with the Ledger Vault and Ethos Bedrock technology, Voyager has secured all the technical components in order to power end-to-end crypto services for this global liquidity network.

Work is already underway on the first step, which is to integrate Bedrock and Ledger Vault together.  The first application will be to make it easy for customers to safely and securely deposit crypto assets into their Voyager brokerage account for trading.  This can be from their Ethos Universal Wallet, existing ledger hardware such as the Nano S, or any other crypto currency wallet that can transfer crypto assets.  Each customer will receive a dedicated address that will let them deposit funds right into the super-secure ledger hardware vault.

If Ethos Bedrock is building the bridges and Voyager is routing the traffic over those bridges, Ledger is the bridge foundation, providing security and peace of mind to all of the commuters (funds) that are crossing. With funds constantly being routed between different venues and liquidity providers, Ledger provides unparalleled security and flexibility to enable Voyager’s Hardware Secured Blockchain Treasury system. This solution is cross-chain, cross-platform and cross-exchanges and is immensely secure, building on years of Ledgers experience and technology. This solution will be optimized to power both Voyager’s retail trading business and institutional crypto offerings.

Bedrock will be providing the piping that connects all of these distributed systems together by forwarding funds, automating treasury management, tracking customer deposits and eventually enabling seamless connectivity between user’s Ledger-secured custody funds and their personal key secured self-custody funds. Bedrock has robust technology for these services that was battle-tested in the Ethos Universal Wallet, including address tracking, system alerts and paging, and keeping the treasury management team up to date on customer balances and obligations.

Much of the magic behind Voyager’s fiat gateway is treasury management. Whenever a customer places an order, Voyager’s Smart Order Router finds the best way to execute the order across multiple exchanges taking into account price, liquidity and fees. This comes with the expectation that customer funds are always held securely while orders are being executed which is why it is important that the company invests in security to protect against potential vulnerabilities on exchanges  This preemptive security mindset is core to the philosophy of how the company will build trust with consumers as the liquidity network and fiat gateway grow.

Voyager’s Hardware Secured Blockchain Treasury System is the first of its kind built upon the technology of Bedrock and Ledger Vault. This approach will give the company a unique competitive edge which will be felt by consumers through a seamless crypto trading experience.

If you have more questions, feel free to join us in telegram at or to discuss the ledger partnership in more detail.

Until Next Time,

Shingo Lavine


Chief Innovation Officer, Voyager Digital

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