The Ethos Community Airdrop Program is our opportunity to showcase cutting-edge platforms in the blockchain space by sharing their tokens with our wallet users. In this way we build bridges between crypto communities and empower the growth of our partnered platforms.

Universal Wallet Pre-Registration Airdrops

Phase 1 – Complete

We have successfully deployed Phase 1 of the Ethos Community Airdrop Program. Over 50,000 eligible users have received their first batch of airdrops.

Phase 2 - Coming Up

We have one more round of Airdrops to come for our pre-registered users. We will be announcing the next round of airdrops once the token integrations are complete.

What if I pre-registered and never got my airdrops?

If you took all of the steps to be eligible to receive your airdrops, but did not, contact customer service support - [email protected].

What’s Next for Airdrops

The Ethos Community Airdrop Program will continue with more airdrop campaigns for our active and growing user base. Stay tuned for updates on future Airdrop Campaigns!