AdBank & Ethos Collaboration

Ethos is excited to announce our collaboration with AdBank Network. AdBank Network is a revolutionary ad platform with total transparency of payments between advertisers and publishers, powered by blockchain technology.

AdBank Network’s technology also helps protect publishers from ad-fraud, a multi-billion dollar industry, ensuring proper delivering of advertisements to real people. While also also supporting publishers and authors to receive a much greater benefit from ad-revenue than standard advertising mediums.

The AdBank Network to be Listed on Ethos Universal Wallet

Ethos will be listing the AdBank Network Token (ADB) in the Universal Wallet, so that it is fully transactable. Universal Wallet users will be able to store, swap, track, send and receive AdBank Network Tokens.

Ethos Universal Wallet is the Official Wallet for the AdBank Network Token

We are pleased to announce that the AdBank Network has named Ethos their Official Wallet of choice. The Ethos team will work with AdBank Network to ensure quality support and high-performance transactability of the token.

We welcome the AdBank Network to use the wallet, and our 24/7 customer support is always available if you ever need assistance.

Ethos to Test the AdBank Network Platform

Ethos and AdBank will be collaborating to run a campaign on the AdBank Network Platform – featuring our flagship app, the Universal Wallet. We will be using dynamic ads on their search and display ad features on crypto based publications to generate traffic and awareness.

The AdBank Team is full of inspiring talent and quality tried and true experience.

We are excited for this collaboration opportunity, and to continue to build bridges within the blockchain community and the disruptive solutions which are emerging. The future is for everyone.