Voyager & Ethos Merge to Create a Commission-Free Crypto Broker and Institutional Blockchain Platform

Voyager & Ethos Merge to Create a Commission-Free Crypto Broker and Institutional Blockchain Platform

It's official, we've announced our planned merger with Voyager (Voyager Digital Ltd. Holdings Inc.), a leading crypto asset broker and best-execution crypto trading app. 

Hello Ethos Community,

Today, we announced our planned merger with Voyager, a leading crypto asset broker and best-execution crypto trading app.

Together, we will unite to bring to the market a truly integrated crypto solution to spearhead the future of finance. Here are the details of this groundbreaking event, as well as its promising implications for the Ethos platform and token holders.

Our two companies began their partnership in the fall of 2018, with the intention to bring crypto-to-fiat best execution trading and purchases to Ethos wallet users. Both teams agreed that to ignite the mission further and faster it was in our best interest, and the best interest of our token holders and shareholders, to bring the companies together.

The scope of the deal is complex, as it’s a dynamic value exchange of Voyager Shares, Ethos Tokens, IP & our unique team of talent. Both stock and tokens are subjected to lockup and vesting, ensuring that we support one another build our tech and bring value to our shareholders and token holders, respectively, in order to release the value exchanged.

By combining Voyager’s state-of-the-art crypto trading technology with Ethos’ robust self-custody solution for storing, sending, and receiving assets, we bring to the market a truly all-in-one crypto solution.

We will also be able to accelerate the development of a commission-free, best-execution fiat gateway that offers all of the most popular crypto assets as trading pairs against fiat currency within the Ethos Universal Wallet.

The Ethos & Voyager companies will be rolled up in a single entity, yet both brands will continue to grow independently. The development of the Ethos Universal Wallet and ecosystem will continue with regular updates, feature enhancements and new coin integrations. Both Voyager and Ethos are excited about the future of the wallet under the new structure, and will ensure that it continues to be a leading crypto wallet app.

The Ethos Token will be used to provide users with access to utility and functionality within the shared-platform. Starting with Ethos Status in the Universal Wallet and joint cashback rewards, the new organization will continue to release enhanced functionality for the Ethos Token moving forward.

Ethos & Voyager have put together a significant development plan dedicated to bring value to both Ethos Token Holders and Voyager Shareholders alike.

This landmark moment will also entail that Ethos will join in becoming the world’s first publicly traded crypto broker and wallet service, as Voyager was just recently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX.V: VYGR).

Shingo Lavine will now be assuming the role of Chief Innovation Officer at Voyager and joining its Board.

“Operating under one unified banner allows us to expand upon our future enhancements for our combined clients globally, and we have put in motion a significant strategy to bring value to both Voyager shareholders and Ethos token holders. We are excited to be part of the innovative Voyager platform and continue enhancing the firm’s offerings through our blockchain technology prowess.”  – Voyager Chief Innovation Officer, Shingo Lavine

Our venture will enhance the self-custody and wallet solution for Voyager’s retail and institutional platform, utilizing the Ethos Universal Wallet & Bedrock. Ethos Bedrock will be used to develop blockchain financial services, in combination with Voyager’s institutional offering, to serve a wide-variety of institutional clients. Integrated together, we will be able to deliver a next-generation brokerage service.

Ethos has been steadfast in its vision and commitment towards building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone. This started with building better tools that are more accessible to the everyday user, and will continue with Voyager’s mission of making crypto trading tools safe, simple and available for a mass audience.

Voyager’s “ethos” resonated with our mission of building a more accessible and fair financial ecosystem, and we believe this is a dream-team empowering us to accelerate our shared mission. We believe that blockchain technology is a tremendous force for positive change at scale and that the collaboration between both organizations will enable a new generation of blockchain financial products.

The Future is Bright

In the near future, we will be hosting a community Q&A with Voyager CEO, Steve Ehrlich, and Chief Innovation Officer, Shingo Lavine, to answer all of your burning questions and share more about the vision for the newly formed organization.

Together we will blaze trails toward building the New Economy.

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Universal Wallet v1.7 - Now 10x Faster with our High Performance Updates

Universal Wallet v1.7 - Now 10x Faster with our High Performance Updates

We have just released our latest update for the Universal Wallet, release v1.7, focused primarily on radically enhancing the performance of the wallet. In this article, we highlight the vastly improved performance and the new features contained within this update.

We highly encourage all users to visit your app store to update your app to the latest version. If you don’t have the app, get the wallet now.

Major High-Performance Boost – Load Times up to 600% Faster

Now, users can quickly swipe through their wallets, view their transaction history page and fly through the coin library with less lag and a smoother experience than ever before.

In comparison testing, update v1.7 shows a 60% reduction in time to load and scroll through the Send/Receive pages and users can now send a transaction from wallet to wallet in less than half the time of previous versions of the wallet.

Additionally, we have clocked a 93% reduction in load time for the transaction history page – a whopping 16x increase in speed! This chart documents some of the other performance improvements.

Performance enhancements and updates won’t stop with Update 1.7 – as an entirely additional round of performance updates will be deployed with the next  coming soon Update 1.8. We are committed to speed, reliability and stability – in addition to security, trust and diversity of assets.

Push Notifications

In this update, we are launching our first iteration of push notifications. This new feature will allow us to update Universal Wallet users with the latest announcements from Ethos!

This will give our users the first to know about company announcements, app updates and major breaking news. In future updates, we plan to expand the capabilities of push notifications to allow for price alerts, transaction status updates and more.

Whether it’s a new feature, a message from Shingo or a new coin now in the wallet, we will keep you informed at the push of a button – so look out for push notifications from Ethos!

Hide Graphs in your SmartWallet & Watchfolio

You asked, we listened. With this update, users can now opt to hide graphs on their SmartWallet and Watchfolio, providing Universal Wallet users with a way to customize their experience in the app.

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. Let us know what features you would like to see us add by emailing us at [email protected].

The future is bright!