Ethos x Voyager Partnership FAQ

Ethos x Voyager Partnership FAQ

Ethos has formally announced our partnership with Voyager Digital to build a best-in-class Fiat Gateway into our flagship product, the Ethos Universal Wallet. With this, we will offer all users access to exchange functionality utilizing their liquidity network. CEO Shingo Lavine will also be joining Voyager as an advisor, closely supporting this development process. This announcement formalizes the relationship between Voyager and Ethos, and we have considered your most pressing questions. So here are the answers you may be seeking.

How high are fees for crypto to fiat, and vice versa, transactions?
Voyager is a commission-free trading application and is not planning on having any fees for trades and purchases.

When is the Voyager Platform launching?
Currently slated for Q4 2018 and will be released in phases. The launch of Voyager’s integration into Ethos & Universal Wallet is separate, although is happening leading into and post-Voyager’s launch. No official date has been announced for the Ethos x Voyager integration. More announcements will be made upon completion of major milestones.

When will the Fiat Gateway be available?
A lot of work is being done to ensure the integration between Ethos and the Voyager execution platform is seamless. No official date has been announced for the launch of the Fiat Gateway. More announcements will be made upon completion of major milestones.

Which coins will be supported?
The supported coins for trading are currently being finalized. Voyager and Ethos are ensuring that appropriate trade execution and custody solutions are in place for each of the supported coins. Voyager will announce the first list of supported coins when their mobile application launches later this month. This will help determine the coins that Voyager and Ethos support together via the Fiat Gateway.

Why is Voyager interested in Bedrock?
Bedrock enhances the custody offering for Voyager, opening up support of coins that Voyager’s existing custody partners do not support and increases speed to market for new coins. This enhances both the Voyager retail trading application, in addition to the Voyager institutional offering. For both businesses, Ethos and Voyager solve the crypto retail and institutional markets biggest problems – custody and liquidity. Additionally, Voyager aims to honor the self-custody nature of crypto and offer this to their customers who wish to take full ownership of their crypto assets, through the Ethos Universal Wallet and other Bedrock applications.

What is a crypto broker? Is this different from a broker dealer?
A crypto broker is an agent that acts on behalf of crypto investors to execute their order. Though regulation does not require the form of “best execution” for this service, Voyager and Ethos believe strongly that crypto investors have the right to “best execution” and their trades should be processed to seek optimal liquidity, price, speed and reliability. A broker-dealer is a licensed entity that operates as previously described, but requires the license for securities. Voyager executes orders according to many of the standards of a broker-dealer, however does not engage this license as currently supported assets are not deemed securities.

Will Voyager support security tokens in the Future?
Yes, this is on the Voyager roadmap for the future, TBA. This is subject to strict regulatory and technical compliance, and will be executed up to latest compliance standards.

What is the scope of the MVP?
The MVP execution between Voyager and Ethos will be to bring an integrated Fiat Gateway to Ethos users. Voyager will give Ethos users the power to convert fiat currency into the Ethos Token or other crypto assets and these tokens into fiat, all within their wallet, allowing a seamless mechanism to trade through Voyager’s platform.

What features and solutions can be expected from this partnership?
We anticipate a number of exciting features and solutions to come via the partnership between Voyager and Ethos. The goal is to seamlessly integrate Voyager’s trade execution, Ethos’s Universal Wallet and Ethos Bedrock with one another. Perfecting that integration is our primary goal but we are excited to explore features around portfolio optimization, lending, and more.

Will Voyager allow buying and selling of Crypto, includling Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat trading?
At the official launch of Voyager this year, Voyager will support Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat trading. Crypto to Crypto transactions are already in our development log and this feature is slated for early 2019. All of these exchange features will be made available to Ethos Universal Wallet users upon completion of the integration.

Will Voyager support bank deposits/withdrawals?
Yes. Bank deposits and withdrawals are supported for US residents.

Which countries will Voyager be available in?
Voyager will only be available to US residents immediately after launch. International expansion is a key goal and priority for Voyager. Voyager will approach international expansion similarly to US market rollout, seeking required money transmitter licensing in markets that are required to support fiat trading.

What are the minimum limits for purchases on Voyager?
The minimum trade and transfer (withdrawal / deposit) amount on Voyager is $10 USD.

Will Voyager require KYC/AML?
Voyager has integrated Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes as a part of the account opening process. KYC & AML is required to perform the trading applications within the service. This helps ensure the safety of our customers and business in accordance with compliance.

Can you clarify the how Voyager will be integrated into the Ethos Universal Wallet?
As mentioned, Voyager will enable in-app purchases of cryptocurrencies utilizing a best-in-class Fiat Gateway, and crypto to crypto exchanges and trading utilizing the Voyager Smart Router & Liquidity Network system.

Does Voyager plan to support alternate international currencies, other than USD? For example, Euro, Pound, Yen, etc.
USD is currently the only supported fiat currency on the Voyager platform at this moment, however, we will roll out support for other fiat currencies as part of the international expansion plan.

How fast will orders be executed?
The Voyager Smart Order Router has the capacity to execute orders in milliseconds and has real-time access to the order books of exchange partners. As the limits or constraints of an order can vary, Voyager cannot guarantee time execution, however, the Voyager execution system is built to execute market orders instantly.

How long will it take for the crypto I purchase to be made available in my SmartWallet or to be accessible for withdrawal?
Full custody or withdrawal of crypto requires the underlying principal amount to have cleared. Once transfers have cleared, crypto withdrawals will happen in time with respective network speeds.

How long will it take for fiat to transfer to my bank account and be made available?
Fiat transfers will be subject to standard ACH and wire transfer timelines.

What banking information will be stored by Voyager/Ethos?
Voyager stores customer’s bank name, account type, account number, routing number, and most recent account balance. Banking credentials are not stored and deposits and withdrawals are powered by a 3rd party provider.

Can I get a debit card through Voyager?
This feature will not be available at launch with Voyager. Given the payment functionality of the Ethos Wallet and the growing number of outlets that accept crypto in payment transactions, Voyager is exploring possibilities to help account holders access and make use of their crypto assets. This may include debit cards, though this is still to be determined. We will keep the community updated on any product announcements related to debit cards and payments.

Ethos x Voyager – A ground-breaking partnership to power the future of finance.

Ethos x Voyager – A ground-breaking partnership to power the future of finance.

Ethos is excited to have formally announced our partnership with Voyager Digital Holdings Inc. (“Voyager”) to provide a best-in-class Fiat Gateway to our Universal Wallet users. This strategic partnership will bring Crypto-to-Fiat and best execution trading to the Ethos community, while enhancing self-custody and wallet solutions on Voyager’s retail and institutional platforms.

Shingo Lavine (CEO) will be joining the Voyager Advisory Board to oversee the execution of the integration of the partnership, closely supporting the development process.

In the growing New Economy, powerful solutions are needed and demanded by consumers. Together, Ethos and Voyager are ushering in an era of fairer practices that serve the people.

Ethos aims to create a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone. That begins with the Ethos Universal Wallet, a secure, self-custodied mobile wallet where the user is in control of funds at all times.

Voyager will give Ethos users the power to convert fiat currency into the Ethos Token or other crypto assets and these tokens into fiat, all within their wallet, allowing a seamless mechanism to trade through Voyager’s platform. This best-in-class Fiat Gateway, and crypto to crypto exchanges and trading, will utilize Voyager Smart Router & Liquidity Network system.

Stephen Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager, said: “With this transformative partnership in place, we believe we are offering the first end-to- end, fully integrated solution in the crypto asset space.

We are always seeking out products and solutions that enhance the experience for crypto investors and these best-in-class solutions from Ethos are a perfect complement for us, further strengthening our offerings and goal of operating a unique, pure-play, open architecture platform.”

These two solutions providers, working hand-in-hand, will help resolve some of the biggest pain points in crypto. Ethos users will have a safe and seamless method for converting between fiat and cryptocurrency, and Voyager can provide robust wallet solutions across their retail and institutional platforms.

“This partnership creates a true bridge between traditional and institutional finance within the crypto-asset market to create a dynamic and borderless financial ecosystem,” Shingo Lavine said.

Together we are excited to build the future of crypto finance.

43 New Coins Coming to Universal Wallet

43 New Coins Coming to Universal Wallet

The Ethos Team has been hard at work integrating more cryptocurrencies into the Universal Wallet. In case you missed it, we recently announced that Dash & Litecoin are now fully transactable – and we are following that up with 43-new coin integrations in our upcoming release 1.3.

The latest app update 1.3 and these new tokens are currently in beta-testing courtesy of our product council. The report so far: Things are running nice and smooth.

We recently surveyed our community to receive your feedback on the top cryptocurrencies you would like to see integrated into the Universal Wallet most, and we are prioritizing our next rounds of coin integrations based on your feedback. #peoplepowered

To fill out the survey and get your voice heard, click here.


Coin Integrations – Optimized

We now have an entire dev division of Ethos solely dedicated to coin integrations. Having recently upgraded our entire coin integration system to be smoother and faster, Ethos is fully powered to onboard more tokens with every cycle of major updates.

Jibrel Network JNT
LGO Exchange (Legolas Exchange) LGO
Pundi X NPXS
Ambrosus AMB
Mainframe MFT
Selfkey KEY
Eidoo EDO
District0x DNT
Ripio Credit Network RCN
AirSwap AST
Quantstamp QSP
Raiden RDN
Endor Protocol EDR
DMarket DMT
Refereum RFR
KickCoin KICK
Noah Coin NOAH
Edgeless EDG
United Traders Token UTT
BitRent RNTB
TomoChain (TomoCoin) TOMO
Fusion FSN
GoNetwork (GoToken) GOT
Huobi Token HT
Tokenomy TEN
Telcoin TEL
Trade Token ( TIO
OriginTrail (Trace) TRAC
Distributed Credit Chain DCC
Soarcoin SOAR
Genaro Network GNX
Egretia EGT

Welcoming New Tokens & Communities to Universal Wallet!

Ethos Universal Wallet App-Update 1.3 will be released very shortly. So be on the lookout for the notification to update your wallet in the App Store + Play Store.

Ethos is thrilled to be a safe and simple way for these communities and token holders, to store, track, send and receive these tokens. We invite you to rate these tokens once they are added and share your thoughts.

We will make an official announcement once the tokens are live in the Universal Wallet – stay tuned!

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Community Airdrop Program Phase One is Complete – With More to Come

Community Airdrop Program Phase One is Complete – With More to Come

We have successfully completed Phase 1 of our Community Airdrop Program for pre-registered users! During this first phase, we deployed tokens from BitDegree, Lympo, OmiseGo, Polymath, RestartEnergy and aXpire to over 60,000 of our eligible Universal Wallet users.

Go Team!

A special shout out goes to our development team who skillfully constructed a wonderfully robust Airdrop Tool. They did so by building on the efficiencies of our existing payroll delivery system. The result? Outputting large, customized batches of airdrops to tens of thousands – without clogging the Ethereum Network or raising gas prices. We’re proud to say this ensures the long term success of forthcoming Community Airdrop Programs.

Fun Fact – Utilizing this Airdrop Tool, we can officially implement custom airdrops to users and specific token holders, further expanding the powerful possibilities of Airdrop Program campaigns in the future.

Our Extended Family – the Airdrop Partners

The Ethos team would like to send sincerest thanks to our Community Airdrop Partners for collaborating in this program. We’re proud to support each of your incredible companies through the Universal Wallet.

Airdrop Program – Phase 2 on the Horizon

The next round of Airdrops will be continue to be distributed to all of our pre-registered users. We are currently integrating the remaining the tokens into the Universal Wallet, and working closely with the teams to ensure we have all of the data and functionality necessary to make them live in the wallet.

Once all of our Phase 2 Coins have been integrated and are fully-transactable in the Universal Wallet, we will begin initiating Phase 2 of Airdrops for all of our pre-registered users. Sit tight and we will announce the start date of Community Airdrop Program – Phase 2 in the coming weeks!

Airdrop Partners scheduled for Phase 2 include:

  •  SmartCash
  • Ravencoin
  • Zilla
  • IQeon
  • SEAL
  • SyncFab
  • Flashcoin
  • Paccoin
  • Bodhi
  • Parachute
  • Ganjacoin
  • Shard
  • Nuls
  • ColossusXT

Am I eligible to receive Airdrops Phase 2?

Here’s a quick way to know if you’re eligible to receive airdrops from this program.
Eligibility Checklist (Now Complete):

  • You pre-registered for the Universal Wallet before July 2nd.
  • You received an email from the Ethos Team, prompting you to create a SmartWallet to receive airdrops.
  • Using the same email address entered at the time of pre-registration, you created an account and your first SmartWallet in the app by August 16th.
  • All Airdrop tokens will be evenly distributed to all eligible community members.

Only individuals who completed these steps are eligible. Did you check all three boxes? Well then, you’re good to go! Look out for email updates and social media posts for a heads up on when our next round will be live.

What To Expect from Future Rounds of Airdrops

This is just the beginning, Ethos Fam. Now that we’re equipped with an Airdrop Tool that seamlessly delivers tokens to large numbers of Universal Wallet users and as we increase coin support, we’re looking to forward to designing Airdrop Programs that will continue to delight our growing list of active users and Token Partners. Look out for announcements in the near the future!

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