We Need Your Vote to Get Ethos on Ethfinex & Bitfinex!

We’re happy to announce that Ethos is currently holding the #1 position in the Ethfinex Listing Competition! Backed by an astounding 5.1 million votes, we’d like to thank all the members of our community who have supported us so far.

However, there are still four days left before the competition closes, and in the Wild Wild West of Crypto anything could happen. So we need your help to secure our #1 position and ensure this exciting listing opportunity.

It’s worth mentioning that the Top 3 Coins upon the completion of this competition will  receive the listing on both Ethfinex and Bitfinex. So as long as we secure one of the top spots, we are good to go. Although, of course we would like to stay #1.

Below is all the information you need to understand what Ethfinex and Bitfinex is and how to cast your vote in the competition!

What are Ethfinex and Bitfinex?

Ethfinex is an exchange and hub built for the Ethereum community. It is focused on learning, discussion and crowdsourcing information from developers, enthusiasts and traders across the decentralised ecosystem.

And while this is an Ethfinex listing competition for Ethereum Tokens, this listing also gives us the opportunity to be listed on Bitfinex one of the largest and most advanced spot-trading platforms in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

With your help, our efforts will be successful, and we will have directly opened the doors to our Ethos community to a much larger pool of crypto enthusiasts.

What do I need to vote?

  • A wallet accessible through Metamask or Ledger
  • Ethfinex Voting Token (EVT)
  • ETH to fuel your transaction

Here are the Instructions on How to Vote using Metamask

  1. Visit https://nectar.community/#/listings where you can submit your vote.
  • Login to your Metamask and click “Connect Wallet” in bottom right to view available tokens to vote
  1. If you don’t have any EVT then you will first need to purchase some at https://www.ethfinex.com/.
  • EVT is only paired with USD. If you do not have USD on Ethfinex, you can exchange ETH for USD
  1. Once you have your EVT you need to send them to your personal wallet
  • You need ETH to cover gas fees on Metamask
  1. Login to your Metamask and refresh the voting page. Once your tokens arrive in your wallet your token balance will be displayed and you will be able to click “Vote”
  2. After clicking vote, verify and confirm the transaction (pay the gas fee via Metamask)
  • All the EVT tokens will be used. 1EVT= 1 Vote, so that means if you have 1,000 EVT you will  be able to contribute 1,000 Votes!

For additional support with the voting process, check out this great tutorial by Ethfinex!

Thank you so much to all of you who are contributing your time, energy and resources to the cause of helping expand the Ethos Community and liquidity network. We are excited to welcome others to the new economy.