Ticker Symbol: BTC
Circulating Supply : ~16.4 Million BTC


Ease of Purchase:   
Ease of Use:  
Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and the most widely traded, despite scaling issues around multiple transactions.


Step 1: Sign up for an Exchange
For U.S. residents and many people in the world this can be done through Coinbase. Other options include cex.io, localbitcoins or even Bitcoin ATMs and many others. Bottom line is there are many ways to buy Bitcoin at varying prices depending on convenience.


Some Recommended places:


Some helpful resources:
Bitcoin Wiki
Changelly (Expensive)


Step 2: Transfer Government Issued Currency (fiat)
Next you transfer government fiat, usually by credit or debit card.  Not all credit or debit card providers like converting into an exchange, although they are getting more open to it.  You can also transfer via bank wire or even a check, but the length of time can be frustrating.


Step 3: Buy Bitcoin
Once the fiat funds are transferred, simply buy your Bitcoin.
Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of BTC!